Make it the high level hub central of runescape

Definitely screams elves. I can’t wait to see these structures in game!I am curious how they will do the effect of having the city over a crater with us seeing farms and buildings below us. Graphically I imagine it will be the most impressive area in all of runescape. Maybe I just cannot tell from the way the concept art is presented, but the buildings and architecture do not appear to be very crystal-esque It is supposed to be a city made of crystal after all. Similar to how the TzHaar use tokkul and obsidian for everything, I imagine the elves do the same with crystal.

Why stop there? I propose we add 2 more options to truly make it the high level hub central of runescape!

Mine cart- The Trahaearn clan specializes in mining and smithing. In their section of the city they could have a mine cart for trying to establish trading ores and bars with Keldagrim. All you need are a few adamant bars to repair the tracks and you now have access to the mine cart system. Again you would earn a onetime bunch of smith exp for your troubles.

Charter Ships- To the west of the city is the ocean. It would not be too farfetched for the elves to have their own dock and ships. Perhaps a charter ship with elves wants to do overseas trading. However, their ship is in disrepair due to the ship and city being abandoned for so long. With a few nails, mahogany planks, and a little swamp tar for waterproofing, we can repair the ship and unlock the charter ship network. As with all runescape gold, repairing the ship will net (pun intended) a onetime bunch of construction exp.

Crystal seeds- I like the idea of attuning it to the 8 different clan sections. Perhaps we can only attune it to the clan we have declared allegiance to? Recharging could involve paying a singer a coin fee or doing stuff for the clan and they will do it for free in a show of gratitude.


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