Runescape Bosses Changes

Seems like quite a lot of people dislike these changes and quite rightfully so. It's time you moved on from trying to make bosses that already exist "epic" and actually focus on releasing NEW bosses that we've never faced before with the difficulty you desire.

I (and probably many others) want NEW bosses to fight; I don't want to keep revisiting old bosses that drop items which have lost their value due to the passing of time. You can't repair the prices of these items, they will always remain low and there's simply too many items in the game to even make a big difference.

These bosses have all had their time back in the days but like others have said - these bosses are bound to get easier and easier as better gear comes out. Why spend 1b+ on a wand if you're just going to nerf bosses to a point where not even those weapons work effectively against mid-tier bosses.

You semi-nerf abilities (mage has got the worst of it IMO, the others are OK), add ridiculous cooldowns and then make mid-tier bosses more difficult and for what? These bosses are only camped because they are somewhat good runescape 2007 gold for those who don't have access to high-tier bosses, so they can afford better gear opening the doors to higher bosses. If you keep nerfing them, they're eventually not even going to be worth visiting any more and will just become dead content.. is that what you're aiming for? Then carry right on with these unnecessary changes.

I am NOT against making bosses difficult but what I want is NEW bosses - something FRESH and not old bosses that have been around since the Big Bang. Their time has past and buffing them up does more harm than good to the content itself.


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