Runescape Add more set effects

Make certain armour give different offensive and/or defensive bonuses for other types of combat. Before the evolution of combat, fighting in the polypore dungeon required a tactical decision. You can wear ranged armour with high magic defence, but that will lower your magic attack. Alternatively, you can wear magic armour with lower magic defence, but you will have maximum magic attack. I'm not make magic armour very weak once again. I am suggesting create a different between different sets of magic armour. Maybe give lunar armour less melee attack penalty and give ahrims extra high defence, but make it so ranged and melee attacks suffer tremendously. Another idea is to make one piece of armour extra strong against one style and weak against the others or build a second piece of armour more with more balanced defence.

Add more set effects. This will encourage getting all pieces of a set for a special offensive and/or defensive bonus

Make specific weapons strong against specific monsters. I always liked how balmung was meant for daganoths. Keris has a powerful attack against scarabs and kalphites. Blisterwood has a very powerful bonus against Vyrewatch. Obsidian armour is very strong against attacks from tzhaar and tokhaarr. 3/4 have a permanent place in my bank for these specific purposes. Yes, I know I need to runescape gold. I will. I would like to see more of this for both armour and weapons. On a side note, please make the Blisterwood Polearm able to hit Vyrewatch once again. With 500 corpses burnt and level 86 attack, I cannot land a *it on them.


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