The sound of different weapons for strength and attack sound good in runescape

Problem is, when they brought out EoC, they made us able to hit incredibly hard without strength making much difference as they added more emphasis on weapon tier and abilities. If they reduced the number size it may make it better along with modification of the hitting system. This goes hand in hand with criticals, before EoC, you would know what your max hit is, however with critical's which was meant to replace runescape gold, it just makes them more likely. You could hit a low critical and not know your max hit.

However, the sound of different weapons for strength and attack sound good because like someone previously mentioned you could take down a mage or range depending on which style was used. For example, you could use a finesse weapon to kill a mage as it would pierce their ability to protect against melee (similarly to how mage armour protects against a metal sword, yet not a metal arrow?). And impact weapons would be good against ranged armour as they would be more resistance against tearing but not an impact from something like a war hammer which would simply crush their shoulder. I do feel there would be some issues assigning weapons to each type such as a mace which is fast but it's impact, 2h's since you slash with them but they're heavy. Battleaxes too. Would there be 2h finesse weapons? And essentially stab and potentially most of slash weapons would be finesse and crush would be impact.


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