Charming imp is useful in runescape

Charming imp is useful in the sense that Charms are a near-universal drop, but lacks any monetary value. golds/greens might be less useful at higher levels, but now we're close to the ability of converting charms to higher ones, it either cleans floor clutter or you can pick which charms you don't want for a tiny bit of summoning xp.

Herbicide lets you choose the herbs you want to erode, you have to have the actual cleaning level to be allowed to destroy, the experience is double of cleaning, but you get no herb, again, it's a floor clutter cleaner.

But even with the justification of cleaning floors, a coin magnet just seems a bit too iffy, even with a coin tax attached. no tax would make it a AAA-desirable item, but a tax might make it only worthwhile for tiny monsters only. the other items only gathers moneyless items like charms. or outright destroys them like herbs....the crusher has a tiny difference that it does sacrifice xp, but you get prayer less space used for rs gold.

Extend this to skill scrolls, and they mostly either save bars, herbs/seconds or recover seeds, which is more of a money stretcher rather than a moneymaker, a coin magnet just feels too much towards an advantageous side with an effective benefit rather than something for utility's sake or something more ergonomic.


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