Prayer provides players with a little boost in combat in runescape

Prayer is a skill that provides players with a little boost in combat. Prayer provides a wide range of uses to players from being able to keep an extra item upon death, to deflection, to blocking, to attack bonuses.

As a little side note from in-game questions, most players assume this skill is the most expensive to train, so I hope you are up for the challenge. Getting 99 Prayer requires a strong mind for beating through boredom and also requires a large amount of runescape gold ... if you can provide both the Cape and the emote are both yours for a little extra 99k that shouldn't be much after getting 99 Prayer in the first place.

As of a March 2009 update a 'quick-prayer' button was added near the mini-map in the upper right corner of the gameplay screen. A player can select a prayer, or in some cases prayers, that will turn on when they select the quick-prayer button. This makes it so the player doesn't have to switch to the prayer tab and select the prayers while in combat.

Thanks to an update, players using an altar in a player owned house (Post 13-14) can now select 'offer "X"' bones to reduce the number of mishaps when trying to quickly train prayer.

When your prayer drains to 0 you must pray at any altar that is scattered around Runescape to replenish your prayer.

Runescape Elf City Design Document 2

I agree with most people on this thread that unique, powerful monsters unlocked through quests like Tormented Demons, Glacors, Celestial dragons, Chaos giants and TokHaar, as well as the upcoming Kal'gerion demons and Frost dragons, both unique to Dungeoneering, should be added to this list of possible slayer assignments, while lower-level monsters are removed from the tasklist.

Why are frost dragon bones available as a pickpocketing reward fromthe Elves? I mean, isn't it illogical how elves have gotten their hands to the bones of a dragon restricted to a Dungeoneering area in Asgarnia, which pretty much is in the halfway to the easternmost parts of Gielinor from Tirannwn? Elves are isolationistic folk, so they avoid going outside of their homeregion. Due to this, why would they have gotten their hands into frost dragon bones? For that matter, why would they be carrying them around?

Regarding the Elven armour we see the concept art of: why there are no eye-holes in what appears to be magic and melee armour sets? It logically doesn't make any sense that we have to fight monsters without seeing what we hit. Other than that, I love the designs, they look absoloutely gorgeous.

I love the concept with fighting Iowerth elves, allowing us to fight them without actually killing them, instead making them fall down and give up on combat. This should be expanded on other monsters as well, seeing that while common monsters could be replaced by other monsters of their kind, with unique monsters like GWD bosses, respawning doesn't make runescape gold since they are one of a kind monsters and seeing that other important NPCs do not respawn when they are killed in story-line, they should surrender as well when defeated instead of being killed.

Regarding the crystal weaponry (Crystal wand/orb, dagger, chakram, bow, staff and halberd), I can't help but notice the lack of available weaponry. Sure, both 2h and 1h options for all combat styles are covered, but there's way too little variety in the crystal weapon table. We could have more crystal weapons, such as crystal crossbows or crystal spears, or crystal, well, everything. Crystal is supposed to be versatile, so why can't we change it to other weapon types than the six we see here?

How To Money Making In Runescape-Crafting

If you are a high leveled combat, there are some monsters which drop good items, though they are scarce and the place would usually be quite packed (Hence more of the tendency for Kill-Stealers, who are people who basically just walk in and take your monster that you were waiting for to spawn and then kick you out of your spot.

Some good F2P monsters which are good to kill would be Lesser Demons (level 82). Moss Giants (level 42), and Hill Giants (level 28) drop limpwurt roots the best F2P bones, Big bones. Limwurt roots are used by members to train Herblore. Profitable monsters on members worlds are mainly Slayer monsters and Dragons. For lower leveled players Chaos Druids are a great way of earning runescape gold as they drop several herbs.

As you can see, being a P2Per is very beneficial in terms of using Combat to earn money, and this applies to many other skills too. A big advantage in being part of the P2P is the bonus 'Clue Scroll' drop. Also known as treasure trails/hunts, these are mini-quests which take you to places in Runescape step-by-step until you get your prize. These prizes can sometimes earn you a lot of rs gold - Especially the Level 3 Clues. Bear in mind that you can only have one Clue Scroll at a time, and Level 3 clues are very challenging!

Runescape Elf City Design Document 2

Can I just say that everything here looks absolutely stunning?? Amazing concept art on the warriors and others, although I can tell that the actual prototypes of the camps are rather early in development. Regardless, here is my feedback!

1. Slayer Assignments: I'm not sure if you guys are just blowing smoke or something, but you left a few MASSIVELY skipped/perm cancelled tasks on that list. Very rarely do people do Jungle/Desert Stryes, Abberant Spectres, and Bloodvelds. The only reason your statistics may be skewed is that these creatures all saw a recent release of slayer masks that went along with them. I don't have a problem with a few bad tasks being included, but I have a very hard time believing those runescape gold are not among some of the most highly skipped.

2. Slayer Master Level Requirement: Not sure if you guys accounted for this or not, but by the time this part of the city comes out, we should be back to the 138 combat calculation, so this requirement will immediately be outdated. Just thought I'd point that out if you all had not yet considered it.

3. Hall of Fame: This literally made me begin to salivate... I'm very excited to hear more about this and how it'll all work out, but this is absolutely brilliant.

4. Slayer D&D: Unless you all intend to make the challenge nigh on impossible without it, I think it would be best to leave a bank chest out of the picture. Force players to be resourceful, tribrid, and use familiars and other combat tactics to their best advantage. However, if you really believe that 28 invent slots plus up to 30 extra from a familiar are not enough to hold a few gear switches and sufficient pots/munchies, then by all means, include it.

5. Iorwerth Warriors: Good God almighty... these are amazing.... However, I'm a bit confused as to why I cannot kill them nor the Cadarn. I get that they're well-trained warriors, but come on...I've battled warriors of legend, Mahjarrat, and been given divine powers of a World Guardian by Guthix. Why can't I kill an elf? Hopefully this is explained in MEP3.

6. Crystal Weapons and Upgrades: Pretty psyched for this. Please make the upgrade into tier-85 weapons. This slot is completely empty, and making them hard to get would put a nice in-between weapon for chaotics to tier-90 weapons.

7. Max Guild: Please don't listen to people who ask for you to remove this as I'm sure a few will. I, personally, am years away from maxing and see no issue with an exclusive area for these players. However, can the questers please get something more? We have one lame cape that's as good as a skillcape, and that's it. I don't want to sound whiney, but things like the Completionist and Maxed titles, capes, and now a guild make it seem like you guys are glorifying the hardcore grinders, whilst the Lorehounds (despite the impending title) sit in the corner waiting for another quest. I realize you've heard this a thousand times, just thought I'd reiterate for emphasis.

Runescape Money Making Woodcutting Guide

Obviously, cut down normal trees. If you want to train fletching simultaneously (members only), then you can make arrow shafts from the logs if you have a knife. Also, if you want to train fire making, then you can make fires out of them.

Level 15-45:

Cut down oak trees. If you have fletching level high enough, then you can make oak bows(u), bank them, or sell them at general stores. If you have the rs gold, then buy the highest woodcutting axe you can use. Oaks give more experience over time, so if you want the experience and then do this to 45, if you want the Runescape money, then stop at 30 and cut willows.

Level 45-70:

Cut willows and bank them. Sell them for 25 each. If you want experience, then keep going to level 70, if you want the Runescape money, then cut yews at level 60.

Level 70+:

Cut yews and bank them. Sell them for 300 each. If you’re member want to cut magic trees, I suggest getting higher than level 75 woodcutting before you start. They sell for 1k+ on the forums.

Runescape Mocking Death

For many years during the month of October, Death has appeared around Gielinor and interacted with the players. But things seemed to change after the start of the 6th age. We saw Death again... But not as we were previously used to. One might ask what happened, but then again, one might be very foolish as well, as everybody knows not to pry very deep into Death's doorway.

Death, a powerful Guardian of Guthix, has discovered that for many years now there has been an impostor of himself, called The Grim Reaper, conversing with citizens during the month of October. He will be furious, and will demand that this person give themselves up. But he can't seem to access his old mansion, as there is a strange aura around it.

This is where the player comes in. The player must infiltrate Grim's Mansion, and try to find the Grim Reaper to return him to Death for rs gold . But once you enter the mansion, you notice things are very ancient looking now. Pieces of the building are crumbling, creatures are pounding at a protective shield around the mansion, and the whole place just looks generally decayed. A small cutscene plays where you see Grim on a top floor balcony, and you hear Death's whispers from Gielinor to go and get him.

As you enter the house, you soon realize what once looked spooky is now a full fledged House of Horrors. You find yourself in a hall with 8 different rooms, with one giant door all the way at the end of the hall. This door, made of what looks like Dark Marble and Gold has 8 slots orb shaped slots in it, and you can't pass this door until all 8 slots are filled.

All of the rooms are unlocked, so you can take your pick on which one to do first.

Make it the high level hub central of runescape

Definitely screams elves. I can’t wait to see these structures in game!I am curious how they will do the effect of having the city over a crater with us seeing farms and buildings below us. Graphically I imagine it will be the most impressive area in all of runescape. Maybe I just cannot tell from the way the concept art is presented, but the buildings and architecture do not appear to be very crystal-esque It is supposed to be a city made of crystal after all. Similar to how the TzHaar use tokkul and obsidian for everything, I imagine the elves do the same with crystal.

Why stop there? I propose we add 2 more options to truly make it the high level hub central of runescape!

Mine cart- The Trahaearn clan specializes in mining and smithing. In their section of the city they could have a mine cart for trying to establish trading ores and bars with Keldagrim. All you need are a few adamant bars to repair the tracks and you now have access to the mine cart system. Again you would earn a onetime bunch of smith exp for your troubles.

Charter Ships- To the west of the city is the ocean. It would not be too farfetched for the elves to have their own dock and ships. Perhaps a charter ship with elves wants to do overseas trading. However, their ship is in disrepair due to the ship and city being abandoned for so long. With a few nails, mahogany planks, and a little swamp tar for waterproofing, we can repair the ship and unlock the charter ship network. As with all runescape gold, repairing the ship will net (pun intended) a onetime bunch of construction exp.

Crystal seeds- I like the idea of attuning it to the 8 different clan sections. Perhaps we can only attune it to the clan we have declared allegiance to? Recharging could involve paying a singer a coin fee or doing stuff for the clan and they will do it for free in a show of gratitude.

The crystallized city of the Elves in runescape

I hope that I can sum my response in the characters given. I'll be honest, I have no idea where to start. I'm filled with so much excitement toward the design document. I know I should be excited to see the crystallized city of the Elves to finally make its appearance. But, really, I'm more excited to be reading a legitimate game design document. I may have done my own little ones for my projects back in my degree, but they are nothing compared to a fully fleshed out on. I'm at a loss of many words to describe the feelings surging through me. I don't know where to start.

Although this is part one of the full document, there is so much detail brimming alone in this document. It's colorful, vivid, and packed with information that answers our questions and some of the rumors that could have stirred up since the information release of the Elf City's future. I know that I have to bare in mind; these details are likely to change from now until the pair of batch updates are released.

The Tower of Voices sounds like it will be the center of attention throughout the quest and exploring the city. I love the idea that over the years that this city has been quiet; the changes to the world of Gielinor will make some form of appearance in the city. I say that toward the mini Grand Exchange, additional Quartermaster, the chronicle tribute NPC, POH portal, and many more. The prototype snapshot of center of the tower is enough to give me ideas on how this place will dawn upon the rest of its city and the world. Not to mention those artistic drawing, that molds together with the prototype to give rs gold.

I'd continue more and actually describe my personal feelings toward viewing this document, but I'm running out of room. At the same time, I don't think anyone would want to read that all. You'd be here for more than just a few minutes or hours. Anyway, I'm more than impressed to see this release and more of the design document. I hope they're just as great.

The crystallized city of the Elves in

Elf City Design Document 1 In Runescape

Well after checking out the first design document I am pleased to say everything looks damn awesome and i have been bowled over by how amazing this update will be at launch. After waiting many years for this, I am desperate to play around in the elf city. However I would like to make the following suggestions based on the information in the design doc.

Firstly, I would like to see a way to place the golden shattered hearts statue in our player owned homes, or as upgrade to the damaroc statue. So say if you finish both versions of the shattered memories statues, you can make the one in your home rs gold, or let us have both.

Secondly, for the divination elements of the city, why not have a flame or brazier in each of the clan families towers, in their respective colours. Players could offer their divine memories to each of these flames, which would turn their divine memories into 'charged' or 'elven' memories, which when returned to their respective native divine locations would generate bonus xp in div rather than normal xp.

Additionally, I would like to see an eleven Teleport spell rather than a lodestone, so that the city feels more secretive and exclusive and not bound to the lodestone network like the rest of the world.

Oh and by the way the elf clan capes looks amazing, so which ever mod/s did those you should be proud cause they are just wow. I for one will be getting the wolf one.

Finally, in relation to having our player owned houses portal in the elf city, I would like to see a hidden reward where by in the Ithell clan's sections, we can unlock a crystal wall decoration for our homes, maybe by collecting various elf crystals or the like to be able to unlock it.


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