Runescape Bosses Changes

Seems like quite a lot of people dislike these changes and quite rightfully so. It's time you moved on from trying to make bosses that already exist "epic" and actually focus on releasing NEW bosses that we've never faced before with the difficulty you desire.

I (and probably many others) want NEW bosses to fight; I don't want to keep revisiting old bosses that drop items which have lost their value due to the passing of time. You can't repair the prices of these items, they will always remain low and there's simply too many items in the game to even make a big difference.

These bosses have all had their time back in the days but like others have said - these bosses are bound to get easier and easier as better gear comes out. Why spend 1b+ on a wand if you're just going to nerf bosses to a point where not even those weapons work effectively against mid-tier bosses.

You semi-nerf abilities (mage has got the worst of it IMO, the others are OK), add ridiculous cooldowns and then make mid-tier bosses more difficult and for what? These bosses are only camped because they are somewhat good runescape 2007 gold for those who don't have access to high-tier bosses, so they can afford better gear opening the doors to higher bosses. If you keep nerfing them, they're eventually not even going to be worth visiting any more and will just become dead content.. is that what you're aiming for? Then carry right on with these unnecessary changes.

I am NOT against making bosses difficult but what I want is NEW bosses - something FRESH and not old bosses that have been around since the Big Bang. Their time has past and buffing them up does more harm than good to the content itself.

Why 138 combat is good?

In the current combat system you only need 99 defence and 99 in one offensive skill to be considered maxed combat. Some people think this is a good system because it shows your max potential in combat in that one skill.

Here is the problem, it shows your max combat in one third of the combat system. Say your maxed combat at level 200 with 99 defence and 99 ranged. Someone comes along with 200 combat and 99 range/mage/att/strength. The level 200 with 99 in all styles has much higher effectiveness since he or she has maxed in all combat skills so can effectively cycle through them to hit the one with just 99 defence and range with their weakness.

This is a big flaw in the system and the reason why max combat potential cannot be measured in just 1 style. Anyone with maxed in multiple styles is automatically more effective than the person maxed in just runescape gold. This doesn't just count for PvP either. Imagine in PvM, a higher level monster that is weak to a specific style. At maxed 200 combat you should be able to get best exp rates and kill it fastest since your maxed right? Wrong as you could only be maxed in 1 style therefore making you less effective if it's weakness is not that 1 style you are maxed in.

The ironic thing is that with EoC, Jagex clearly made it a goal for the combat triangle to be more a part of the game therefore effectively making it even less effective to be maxed in just 1 style then it was pre-EoC.

With the level 138 system it gives a better gauge of a higher range of stats therefore better reflecting your effectiveness in combat. The level 138 system has 1 flaw and that's the fact that if your melee stats are high, your mage/range don't effect your combat level. Jagex wants to poll the 138 combat with refinement ideas and even mentioned possibly making range/mage more of a factor in the 138 formula so problem fixed.

Trying to move the argument in runescape

That 60% being multi account players still means the total player count will look like it dropped a lot when only a fraction of actual players were lost. And if you want an honest look at update you would not look at only account you would look at how many actual physical people are playing not just how many accounts many of which would be secondary or third or even fourth accounts created and maintained by 1 person.

They were causing more harm then good it was only a matter of time before it became so infested that legitimate players would start leaving in a uproar.

Pretty sure they were well at the more harm then good part long long long ago. In fact they were the main reason you could only effectively make money by taking down big bosses and hoping to get rare expensive drop. And their disappearance is one of the main reasons why it is so easy to make runescape 2007 gold now on the game doing even just skill based things.

But it still doesn't change the fact that bots even more then players were a steady source of income. Players would take breaks due to school, work, etc. Bots just kept going and going and going and going like the energizer bunny adding month after month after month of income to Jagex.

Trying to move the argument from popularity to income is pointless. Income and the gain or loss of it doesn't really equate to improvement or degradation of game play if that gain or loss is only from a small portion of physical players are lost or gained.

The wilderness was a populated in runescape

The wilderness was a populated, thriving area in the game. Throughout the wild, one area stood out as the most popular by a long shot, and this area just happened to be north of Edgeville, within level 5 wild.

Now, this area didn't offer some huge xp bonuses, and it did not offer any sort of wealth gain (other than what the player was wearing). There were no nearby resources, no reason for any players to congregate in this area.Yet, every day thousands of players crowded the wild north of Edgeville. Why?
Because that is what they enjoyed doing. They simply enjoyed the thrill of pitting themselves against another player.

Nowadays people (including Jagex) seem to think we need more incentives in the wild to revive PvP. If you have not realized this yet, this idea is logically flawed.Take warbands for example. Sure, there are some more people in the wild, but they're not there to PK; they are there to get runescape gold (and don't even act like those 4 warband "pk clans" are even relevant, because they're not). Likewise with any incentive you may add, people will populate the wild to achieve that incentive, not to PK. Though this may falsely seem to bolster the "PvP community" after quick thought you can realize it doesn't (notice how these types of updates would not have any effect on the current dead PvP minigames).

The only way to fix the current PvP community (or lack thereof) is to make PvP more enjoyable. Get players in the wild with the purpose of PKing, not bribed by xp or money. Obviously, whether the EoC is better or not, players do not enjoy PvP anymore. That is what needs to be changed. Until there are players in the wild with the purpose of player killing, the PvP aspect of the game will remain dead.

Runescape EOC Weakness

What determines our weakness? The sword in our hands or the platebody on our chest? I had decided to shoot at one of the blubbery chickens in the Kharzi jungle with my crystal bow(pre-monster rebalance), and it was resistant to my arrows simply because its primary attack style was melee, uhm ok?

Let's look at fire giants. They are living beings of molten rock some might say. Now let's ignore the fact that they're still ranging us with their clubs and swords and think of what they could be weak to because of their build. For melee, crush as you are smashing rock. For magic, water because you are cooling them down and effectively removing the heat that gives them life. For ranged, bolts because they are solid metal and thus, potentially capable of penetrating rock.

Another example could be the living rock creatures. Now just because the strikers decide to throw rocks instead of punch, they're resistant to erosion. Raise your hand if that makes sense to you, then explain.

A way to deal damage using any combat class would be a great way to allow us the breathe and play how we want, rather than just how jagex thinks we should play. This will make the game more colorful with slayers at their tasks using different styles instead of them all wearing and using the exact same set-up like a bunch of boring clones.

If weaknesses are changed to be determined by the foes gear and build then another change needs to be made. The equipment screen shows your strength against classes rather than your current strength as your class. By this I mean you're told how effective you are against your enemy should they be a certain class. The equipment interface needs to be changed to instead tell you how powerful you are using runescape 2007 gold. Everyone should already know how the combat triangle works anyway.

Make Money without Using Runescape Scam

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The second secret is a great way to make money in game with out Runescape scam. That is creating a steel bar by smelt the mine and andiron together. This is also a very efficient manner, which can help you improve your magic and smith levels.

The third secret is just for the only members who don’t use Runescape scam when they make money. Make full inventory of flax by pick up them from the south east of seer’s town and take them to the north west to the small building, two building south from the bank. You will craft them into bow strings by spin the flax on the west side of the room.

The fourth secret is it will be an exactly way of making money without Runescape scam, if you’re not afraid dying form the dragons. You will make money through slaughter some blue dragons which are with in a range of +70. Every dragon drops about four thousand to five thousand worth of stuff and this includes dragon bone and one dragon hide guaranteed. One dragon bone is valued two thousand to three thousands, one dragon hid is valued two thousand. So it’s really a very efficient way to make money.

Runescape Add more set effects

Make certain armour give different offensive and/or defensive bonuses for other types of combat. Before the evolution of combat, fighting in the polypore dungeon required a tactical decision. You can wear ranged armour with high magic defence, but that will lower your magic attack. Alternatively, you can wear magic armour with lower magic defence, but you will have maximum magic attack. I'm not make magic armour very weak once again. I am suggesting create a different between different sets of magic armour. Maybe give lunar armour less melee attack penalty and give ahrims extra high defence, but make it so ranged and melee attacks suffer tremendously. Another idea is to make one piece of armour extra strong against one style and weak against the others or build a second piece of armour more with more balanced defence.

Add more set effects. This will encourage getting all pieces of a set for a special offensive and/or defensive bonus

Make specific weapons strong against specific monsters. I always liked how balmung was meant for daganoths. Keris has a powerful attack against scarabs and kalphites. Blisterwood has a very powerful bonus against Vyrewatch. Obsidian armour is very strong against attacks from tzhaar and tokhaarr. 3/4 have a permanent place in my bank for these specific purposes. Yes, I know I need to runescape gold. I will. I would like to see more of this for both armour and weapons. On a side note, please make the Blisterwood Polearm able to hit Vyrewatch once again. With 500 corpses burnt and level 86 attack, I cannot land a *it on them.

The sound of different weapons for strength and attack sound good in runescape

Problem is, when they brought out EoC, they made us able to hit incredibly hard without strength making much difference as they added more emphasis on weapon tier and abilities. If they reduced the number size it may make it better along with modification of the hitting system. This goes hand in hand with criticals, before EoC, you would know what your max hit is, however with critical's which was meant to replace runescape gold, it just makes them more likely. You could hit a low critical and not know your max hit.

However, the sound of different weapons for strength and attack sound good because like someone previously mentioned you could take down a mage or range depending on which style was used. For example, you could use a finesse weapon to kill a mage as it would pierce their ability to protect against melee (similarly to how mage armour protects against a metal sword, yet not a metal arrow?). And impact weapons would be good against ranged armour as they would be more resistance against tearing but not an impact from something like a war hammer which would simply crush their shoulder. I do feel there would be some issues assigning weapons to each type such as a mace which is fast but it's impact, 2h's since you slash with them but they're heavy. Battleaxes too. Would there be 2h finesse weapons? And essentially stab and potentially most of slash weapons would be finesse and crush would be impact.

Charming imp is useful in runescape

Charming imp is useful in the sense that Charms are a near-universal drop, but lacks any monetary value. golds/greens might be less useful at higher levels, but now we're close to the ability of converting charms to higher ones, it either cleans floor clutter or you can pick which charms you don't want for a tiny bit of summoning xp.

Herbicide lets you choose the herbs you want to erode, you have to have the actual cleaning level to be allowed to destroy, the experience is double of cleaning, but you get no herb, again, it's a floor clutter cleaner.

But even with the justification of cleaning floors, a coin magnet just seems a bit too iffy, even with a coin tax attached. no tax would make it a AAA-desirable item, but a tax might make it only worthwhile for tiny monsters only. the other items only gathers moneyless items like charms. or outright destroys them like herbs....the crusher has a tiny difference that it does sacrifice xp, but you get prayer less space used for rs gold.

Extend this to skill scrolls, and they mostly either save bars, herbs/seconds or recover seeds, which is more of a money stretcher rather than a moneymaker, a coin magnet just feels too much towards an advantageous side with an effective benefit rather than something for utility's sake or something more ergonomic.


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