Different weapons types also add different amounts in runescape

The damage value you see in your equipment screens and on weapons is the auto-attack damage. The weapon speed also relates only to auto-attacks.

Abilities use a value that is normalised around a weapons speed and it is normalised around the damage provided by a dagger.

Different weapons types also add different amounts to this value based on where you wear them.
- Main hands will add 100% of this value
- Offhands will add 50% of this value
- 2 handed weapons will add 150% of this value.

For melee this is on the weapons you wield.For magic, a spells damage is based around the main hand damage for rs gold (capped as other clases don't have lvl 90+ weapons) and then it is scaled around what weapon you're wearing.For ranged it is a combination of your ammo and your weapon.

The long an short of this is, if all 3 classes use things of the same tier and wear the same weapon types their values will be equal. Magic doesn't get this mystical buff you guys are talking about :P (Just make sure that if you're dual wielding you set both main hand and off hand spells).


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