Runescpae claws will be back to a 'special only' weapon

Starting from 100% adrenaline, a player can do two specs with the claws, bringing said player back down to 0%. Since they would be performing threshold abilities if using other chaotic weapons, more than two in a row would easily be possible, while the player with claws would be working to regain their adrenaline back. Even if you were only comparing two threshold abilities using runescape gold. two special attacks with chaotic claws, the rapiers (or longswords) would still hit higher in their abilities due to the fact that they have a greater damage rating (1470 > 1152 dual-wielded) when being calculated for the abilities.

EVEN IF the chaotic claws' special attack WAS more effective than using thresholds/ultimates with other chaotics, this advantage is balanced out by the fact that the other chaotics which will still have a greater dps than claws when using abilities instead of momentum to fight or train.

In summary, the claws (at best) will be back to a 'special only' weapon, as the other chaotics will still be a better option for training/grinding/fighting. The only thing going for the claws would be a (potentially) slightly higher special attack, which would absolutely not make them an overpowered weapon, simply bringing them at the very most 'up to par' with the other chaotics.


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