Runescape Micro-payments

Jagex please listen carefully, me and I'm sure a crazy amount of other players would GLADLY pay double membership to remover the xp selling treasure hunt. This however is a very hasty way to fix the problem as we should never be made to pay extra just to have runescape be runescape. It's understandable that some can't afford double the cost but at least it would stop the damage of TH.

Selling xp is the biggest negative you can do to this game as it will kill off competitive and seasoned players. Why skill the right and honest way when some other player can buy the xp and get the same goal in 1/2 the time? I can tolerate bonds as the person buying bonds still has to buy the materials and do the actual work. With treasure hunter you just get xp for no effort and that's not runescape.

Some people say if you don't like it don't use it! Well as a player that looks at improving my spot the the high scores(even though it's pretty poor lol) this alternative is mute. If you wanna hate me for being competitive then do it.

I would have no problem with micro transactions(cosmetic stuff is awsome!) but xp and items that give you a gain by paying runescape gold is something I will never tolerate.


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