Magic has the advantage of distance and binding enemies in runescape

More ideas for magic: I hear the robes having same armor ratings as melee armor, heavy plates is necessary for balance? It isn't true.

Magic has the advantage of distance and binding enemies, such as entangle and ice spells. And extra healing methods such as blood spells. And the ability to weaken enemy.Though I think this should be adressed more. The weakening spells, such as enfeeble, vulnerability stagger, gale- and rock spells special effects are too weak and barely noticable.

I also think lunar spells should give mages more alteration, such as increasing own defences slightly. Vengeance is another thing that is basically meant for runescape gold. Since eoc it's been a lot more useless, since attack rate is faster and damage dealt with one blow is usually significantly smaller. Maybe a new spell which deflects damage over-time rather than on next hit. Would be sapped in effectiveness dramatically if wearing other than magic armour?

The problem with lunar is the lack of combat spells though. Need weapons with built-in spells or staves that require charging with runes and could only use a few specific spells from a single staff. Perhaps elemental charge-staves to cast spells of one element? Or ancient staves used to cast spells from ancient spellbook? Or just merge all spells together without the need to change spellbooks anymore?


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