Penance Horn In Runescape

One of the rewards from barbarian assault is the penance horn, which will give you double xp in mining, agility and firemaking when its charged.

There are 2 types of horns. The regular horn which anyone can get and the Master Penance horn, which can be obtained by getting level 5 in any role. The Master horn is the most interesting, as it can boost mining xp for quite a while. It require 10 penance queen kills to be fully charged.The master penance horn lasts for a total of 600k xp in bonus xp (not total xp). Getting 600k xp takes is 7-9 hours of mining.How long it takes to fully charge it, I don't know. But if you have a good team, it should be possible in 4 hours. That makes mining faster with the penance horn.

But you should take into account that you are only mining half as much ores, so you get only half as much profit.If you want 99 mining for the profit, it's better not to use it, but for those that simply want to go fast, do try it.Even if you are going for rs gold, you could consider the horn. Sometimes mining just gets boring and barbarian assault is a nice distraction from your everyday mining routine.You also get a nice ranking in the hiscores by playing barbarian assault, and your overall gaming experience becomes better.I would recommend using one, but if you don't want this, feel free to use something else.


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