Farming can be useful in helping you collect some of the items in runescape

Farming can be useful in helping you collect some of the items needed to create the pouches for Summoning. One of the main things you can grow are marigolds which are used to produce a “bull ant.” The “bull ant” is classed as a beast of burden which is able to carry items for you which can be very useful when making farming run. Here are a few familiars, their levels to summon and their abilities, I will also explain how this will help you whilst farming:

Spirit Kalphite (25), Bull Ant (40), Spirit Terrorbird (52), War Tortoise (67), Pack Yak (96) - These are all beasts of burden that can be used to carry runescape gold you want while farming, generally I have mine carry around the compost I will need for each of the Farming runs and then use them to store any extra items that do not fit in my inventory such as the harvested crops, or get them to carry items that can be super composted. The scrolls for the “bull ant” and “spirit terrorbird” will replenish a percentage of your run energy based upon your Agility level. The “pack yak’s” scroll has the ability to send a chosen item in your inventory to the bank, this may be useful on some farming runs when you find yourself with too many items.

Compost Mound (28) - This gives you a farming boost of 2% of your normal level then an extra 1 level on top of that. It can also forage compost and seeds. When casting the familiars scroll on an empty compost bin it will fill it with compost or super compost instantly, this can then be used or sold. You will only get super compost every 3-5 bins but even still this can be a lot more convenient than getting the items needed for making super compost.


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