Prestige In Runescape

Prestige is another large factor which determines the amount of dungeoneering experience at the end of a floor. It is basically the amount of different floors that you have completed.

When you complete a floor, it will be ticked off for now. If you complete a ticked off floor, an unticked floor of the same theme becomes ticked, and you will be awarded experience based off floor in particular. If this is not the case because all the floors of a theme is already ticked off, a severe penalty is given reducing dungeoneering experience of that floor.

Say if you had 40 prestige, that is by ticking off 40 different floors, you get more rs gold at prestige 40 as you would at prestige 39.It's obvious in this case that to gain the most dungeoneering experience an hour, you must maximise your prestige. And to remind you, your maximum prestige is the equivalent to the highest floor you can do. Refer to above post.

When you have achieved your maximum prestige, simply use the Reset button on the Kinship Ring to complete the prestige cycle, where you must repeat the procedure/cycle again.

For F2P, the only floors that are accessible are 1-35, making max possible prestige in F2P equal to 35.


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