Runescape Nomad Tactic Guide

Once he has hit you, you will be able to move – so instantly run to your safe spot behind the pillar (preferably the same pillar as before – so that things don’t get overcomplicated) and quickly heal and restore so that you can fight Nomad normally again.

This process then repeats. When he heals at around 1/5, he will say something (I’ve forgotten what) but the cycle still repeats as it did before.Prayers are often a matter of dispute for players; some say that protection prayers have no effect, some say a little, some say no prayers at all work on him, and some say soul split’s ideal for high level prayers.To be honest, I don’t really think that prayers help too much in the normal bit. However, in the “Berserk” mode part, they can dramatically – explained below. I did*’t use any prayers in the part explained above – only in the melee part below. However, if you’re planning to use super restores, it may be worth using Steel Skin or Eagle Eye to boost defence or range.Curses that are appropriate are the leach curses – as well as soul split. However, these require fairly high prayer levels, and prayer seems to be costing more and more to train every day.

Also, with the Retribution prayer or Wrath curse, if activated upon the player's death - but the damage also kills Nomad at the same time - it still DOES count as a kill. Use this for when you feel that you may only just lose the fight .


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