Runescape Vorago Phase 4 Guide

In this phase you will gain the final piece of the Maul of Omens. It also introduces a new attack and a new minion.

Waterfall: Vorago starts by charging a fire attack. The only way to prevent damage is to get behind the waterfall that appear on a random corner, as it disrupts defensive abilities. You have about 10 seconds to get into safety. Failure to do so, means you will be burnt for 9000-10000 damage.To be safe, wear a shield and eat to max while you run to the waterfall. Rocktails and Saradomin brews are useful to have hp above max.After his deadly fire attack, part of the weapon loosens. After 3 of these, the weapon part will come out and you will be able to advance to the final phase.During hard mode, you have less time (about 8 seconds) to go into the waterfall. It also gives no warning.There's one more surprise though.

Shortly after the fire attack, Vorago will create 1 stone clone for rs gold.Their stats will match yours and they use the same combat style as your weapon upon summoning.However, their accuracy, defense and damage are purely based on copied stats and are not affected by your gear.They do not switch combat styles, so changing your equipment to match their weakness can be effective but it's not really worth the effort.

They also use abilities just like you, including stuns, bleeds, ultimates and freedom.They use abilities available as if they had a 2h weapon. As such, melee clones can remove your prayer.They will have the same name as you: my clone would be named Stone Mr G W for example.A hint arrow will appear on your clone, should you have one, to help you find him.Only the original player can defeat the stone clone, unless the player dies and in that case the clone is attackable by everyone. Likewise, if a player defeats a clone, he/she can help defeat the remaining clones.

Vorago will only take 10% of damage when clones are alive.During hard mode, more clones are spawned.

Stone clone
Combat level: 200 (even if it doesn't actually match yours)
Life points: 10000
Stats: Same as yours
Max hit: Varies
Weakness: Fire, Arrows or Slash
Immunities: None
Attack styles: Melee, Ranged or Magic


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