Different weapons types also add different amounts in runescape

The damage value you see in your equipment screens and on weapons is the auto-attack damage. The weapon speed also relates only to auto-attacks.

Abilities use a value that is normalised around a weapons speed and it is normalised around the damage provided by a dagger.

Different weapons types also add different amounts to this value based on where you wear them.
- Main hands will add 100% of this value
- Offhands will add 50% of this value
- 2 handed weapons will add 150% of this value.

For melee this is on the weapons you wield.For magic, a spells damage is based around the main hand damage for rs gold (capped as other clases don't have lvl 90+ weapons) and then it is scaled around what weapon you're wearing.For ranged it is a combination of your ammo and your weapon.

The long an short of this is, if all 3 classes use things of the same tier and wear the same weapon types their values will be equal. Magic doesn't get this mystical buff you guys are talking about :P (Just make sure that if you're dual wielding you set both main hand and off hand spells).

Runescpae claws will be back to a 'special only' weapon

Starting from 100% adrenaline, a player can do two specs with the claws, bringing said player back down to 0%. Since they would be performing threshold abilities if using other chaotic weapons, more than two in a row would easily be possible, while the player with claws would be working to regain their adrenaline back. Even if you were only comparing two threshold abilities using runescape gold. two special attacks with chaotic claws, the rapiers (or longswords) would still hit higher in their abilities due to the fact that they have a greater damage rating (1470 > 1152 dual-wielded) when being calculated for the abilities.

EVEN IF the chaotic claws' special attack WAS more effective than using thresholds/ultimates with other chaotics, this advantage is balanced out by the fact that the other chaotics which will still have a greater dps than claws when using abilities instead of momentum to fight or train.

In summary, the claws (at best) will be back to a 'special only' weapon, as the other chaotics will still be a better option for training/grinding/fighting. The only thing going for the claws would be a (potentially) slightly higher special attack, which would absolutely not make them an overpowered weapon, simply bringing them at the very most 'up to par' with the other chaotics.

Runescape Micro-payments

Jagex please listen carefully, me and I'm sure a crazy amount of other players would GLADLY pay double membership to remover the xp selling treasure hunt. This however is a very hasty way to fix the problem as we should never be made to pay extra just to have runescape be runescape. It's understandable that some can't afford double the cost but at least it would stop the damage of TH.

Selling xp is the biggest negative you can do to this game as it will kill off competitive and seasoned players. Why skill the right and honest way when some other player can buy the xp and get the same goal in 1/2 the time? I can tolerate bonds as the person buying bonds still has to buy the materials and do the actual work. With treasure hunter you just get xp for no effort and that's not runescape.

Some people say if you don't like it don't use it! Well as a player that looks at improving my spot the the high scores(even though it's pretty poor lol) this alternative is mute. If you wanna hate me for being competitive then do it.

I would have no problem with micro transactions(cosmetic stuff is awsome!) but xp and items that give you a gain by paying runescape gold is something I will never tolerate.

Queuing is still using abilities too quickly in runescape

Ability queuing is a great idea. It's something that we really have needed for a long time, and I actually suggested it myself the week before the beta went live. One of the largest problems that the EoC introduced was that ping became an issue. Since EoC combat relies on split-second (.6 second) reactionary times, hitting a button and not having the action register for an extra game tick is a huge deal. With ability queuing, hopefully this will be resolved.

One of the issues I ran into with ability queuing was that it makes movement and kiting-type styles of combat almost impossible. For example, I was trying to do ascension legiones on the beta, and it was almost impossible. Since the ability isn't used when you hit the button, rather a second or so afterward, it cancels movement. I've come to the conclusion that this is actually a major issue that needs to be fixed. The easiest thing to do is to have abilities not cancel movement.There's a flashing problem that occurs sometimes when using abilities rapidly with queuing.Sometimes is you queue an ability too quickly after using another ability, it uses the ability but the cooldown circle doesn't show. It seems that if you queue the next ability directly after using runescape gold.If the queuing circle could be made brighter that would be nice. I actually liked the old glow method better.

Queuing is still using abilities too quickly. Jagex, queuing should use each ability every 1.8 seconds, NOT 1.2 seconds. It's working so well that it's using the ability directly the global cooldown ends, resulting in the global cooldown being 1.2 seconds, which should NOT happen.It seems that the global cooldown disappearing when switching targets has been resolved, thanks for that one! Queuing an ability and then using other abilities (non queued) still doesn't clear the queued ability.

Only abilities on the bar can be queued, using abilities from the ability book cannot be queued. In fact, abilities in the book don't even show cooldown - in live it does. Both of these need to be fixed (honestly, abilities on the bar should jut be a reference to those in the book, they don't need to be completely different objects).

How about a thieving and summoning dungeon in runescape

How about a thieving and summoning dungeon, similar to the talked about but not present pickpocketing summoners idea?

Dungeoneering-style room with an obelisk in the middle, summoners walking about (could reuse forgotten mage or Taverley druid models, depending on lore). If you successfully pickpocket them you get (some of) the ingredients for a summoning pouch, if you fail they summon a familiar to attack you. Maybe, in addition to being able to defeat the familiar with combat, you could also attempt to banish it for a small amount of summoning xp.

Alternatively, Brassica Prime's cabbage knights. They could be bouncy cabbages with swords and shields. They could have taken over a resource dungeon to investigate the Daemonheim-style rapid farming patch there (they would have filled it with cabbage seeds, obviously).When defeated, they could drop as an untradable Blessed Cabbage, which can be eaten for a small heal and some rs gold. If you defeat and eat enough of the cabbages you earn the title ", the Cabbage Knight" (assuming it is not going to be available from the spring event - I don't think titles have been mentioned). I basically just want that title.

Also, a mining resource dungeon with a concentrated clay deposit near a deposit box. Possibly with gold rocks and sapphire rocks too, and a small furnace, so players can make bracelets of clay down there.

Magic has the advantage of distance and binding enemies in runescape

More ideas for magic: I hear the robes having same armor ratings as melee armor, heavy plates is necessary for balance? It isn't true.

Magic has the advantage of distance and binding enemies, such as entangle and ice spells. And extra healing methods such as blood spells. And the ability to weaken enemy.Though I think this should be adressed more. The weakening spells, such as enfeeble, vulnerability stagger, gale- and rock spells special effects are too weak and barely noticable.

I also think lunar spells should give mages more alteration, such as increasing own defences slightly. Vengeance is another thing that is basically meant for runescape gold. Since eoc it's been a lot more useless, since attack rate is faster and damage dealt with one blow is usually significantly smaller. Maybe a new spell which deflects damage over-time rather than on next hit. Would be sapped in effectiveness dramatically if wearing other than magic armour?

The problem with lunar is the lack of combat spells though. Need weapons with built-in spells or staves that require charging with runes and could only use a few specific spells from a single staff. Perhaps elemental charge-staves to cast spells of one element? Or ancient staves used to cast spells from ancient spellbook? Or just merge all spells together without the need to change spellbooks anymore?

There are many ways to make money on Runescape

There are many ways to make money on Runescape. One of those ways is called Flipping, which is one of several merchanting methods used to make runescape gold. Flipping is a act of purchasing an item at a low price and then selling that item at a higher price to generate profit. This guide will take you trough that progress. Before you start flipping there are things you need to know that will make your chances of succeeding a lot higher.

Personally i'd say flipping is the safest way of merching on Runescape, and it's fun!Flipping has a very wide spectra, and the more experience you gain - the better you get! Don't give up if you fail, because you gotta fail to learn sometimes - and it gets easier.

To start flipping I recommend at least 10M cashpile to really take the fully advantage of flipping. Lower cashpile than that and other ways of making money is faster.

Penance Horn In Runescape

One of the rewards from barbarian assault is the penance horn, which will give you double xp in mining, agility and firemaking when its charged.

There are 2 types of horns. The regular horn which anyone can get and the Master Penance horn, which can be obtained by getting level 5 in any role. The Master horn is the most interesting, as it can boost mining xp for quite a while. It require 10 penance queen kills to be fully charged.The master penance horn lasts for a total of 600k xp in bonus xp (not total xp). Getting 600k xp takes is 7-9 hours of mining.How long it takes to fully charge it, I don't know. But if you have a good team, it should be possible in 4 hours. That makes mining faster with the penance horn.

But you should take into account that you are only mining half as much ores, so you get only half as much profit.If you want 99 mining for the profit, it's better not to use it, but for those that simply want to go fast, do try it.Even if you are going for rs gold, you could consider the horn. Sometimes mining just gets boring and barbarian assault is a nice distraction from your everyday mining routine.You also get a nice ranking in the hiscores by playing barbarian assault, and your overall gaming experience becomes better.I would recommend using one, but if you don't want this, feel free to use something else.

Runescape Legacy Mode

Personally, i don't know why people even wants legacy mode, i mean i could see people desiring simpler interfaces (myself included) possibly with less bells and whistles, leading to potenaitlly a more stable client.

Really, just move coin pouch to the equipment screen along with the Wardrobe. use the space from the bottom of the inventory and add another space for "bars", fuse the magic, melee and ranged tabs back into their pre-RS3 interfaces, the combat button on combat bar should bring up a small menu showing combat style/xp tuning.

Throw away the ingame highscore/events tracker. stick friend/clan/visiting clan chats into a single button. have a toggle to swap easily. seriously. at the moment you can't even check your clan's list unless you happened to have it.....crammed behind 6 or so other tabs. all because you might want Magic, melees, HP, Inventory and Equipment.

Or maybe you can add a system that enables players to create their own hoverbuttons, and "inventory screen" bar placements, convert them into code and post them on fansites or the mainsite for people to rate. to keep bandwidth down, it could have them generate on the viewers end, with the only assets being loaded are images saved on the site.All in all, i miss the old stones-style menu system. it was much more simpler to navigate without all the bells and whistles of stuff such as runescape gold.

EDIT: Also, graphics or at least the text should be vectorized, so people could resize those for more customizability, could free up a bit more space, maybe even more so if graphics were vectorized.

Zaros is the embodiment of an old testament ruler in runescape

The world shaking as the portal glows brighter, power growing, and whilst it does so, the key Zarosians each say something vaguely epic-sounding and ominous, ultimately culminating with Azzanadra saying: 'The Great Lord is come!', which the others then repeat as one. As they do so, the scene would play out similar to how you described, Balustan, with Sliske either coming out of the portal and morphing to reflect that Zaros was now in control, or teleporting in from the Shadow Realm ready to receive the incorporeal Zaros as he arrives through the portal. In the case of the latter, the two would then merge as Zaros assumed control, and THEN the body would morph.

However, in mine, Zamorak and Saradomin would not appear (at least not during the ceremony). Instead, Zaros would remark on his return, with adoring compliments from his Faithful (like Azzanadra and Char), before commenting that his plans could now really come to fruition, and teleporting away to an undisclosed location, with a number of Faithful following. Azzanadra would stay behind, thank us for runescape gold, then promise that with Zaros restored, the fun would now truly begin, before joining his fellows (after giving rewards) and teleporting away. If Zamorak and Saradomin were to appear, it would then be now, having failed to prevent Zaros' return.

Zaros is the embodiment of an old testament ruler who intends to rule from afar by use of prophetic and powerful beings to guide the world to his vision of perfect, and while the vision may be functional it is a vision stagnant. Oh, and to make things worse, where as the old testament ruler supposedly claimed to be all knowing, Zaros is not.

But regardless, you fail to realize your folly. Zaros is not going to prevent war, no he will come and bring war to all that oppose him and are seen as obstacles to his world. No, Zaros is a mysterious and wise being. But one who rejects humanity.Guthix was not naive, he understood that humanity dreams to move forward, that they will grow and aspire to fix their own problems, they will overcome their obstacles and they will become stronger through it. Guthix believed in us to be the solution he could never be, Guthix was simply put the one who had thought things through.


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