Farming can be useful in helping you collect some of the items in runescape

Farming can be useful in helping you collect some of the items needed to create the pouches for Summoning. One of the main things you can grow are marigolds which are used to produce a “bull ant.” The “bull ant” is classed as a beast of burden which is able to carry items for you which can be very useful when making farming run. Here are a few familiars, their levels to summon and their abilities, I will also explain how this will help you whilst farming:

Spirit Kalphite (25), Bull Ant (40), Spirit Terrorbird (52), War Tortoise (67), Pack Yak (96) - These are all beasts of burden that can be used to carry runescape gold you want while farming, generally I have mine carry around the compost I will need for each of the Farming runs and then use them to store any extra items that do not fit in my inventory such as the harvested crops, or get them to carry items that can be super composted. The scrolls for the “bull ant” and “spirit terrorbird” will replenish a percentage of your run energy based upon your Agility level. The “pack yak’s” scroll has the ability to send a chosen item in your inventory to the bank, this may be useful on some farming runs when you find yourself with too many items.

Compost Mound (28) - This gives you a farming boost of 2% of your normal level then an extra 1 level on top of that. It can also forage compost and seeds. When casting the familiars scroll on an empty compost bin it will fill it with compost or super compost instantly, this can then be used or sold. You will only get super compost every 3-5 bins but even still this can be a lot more convenient than getting the items needed for making super compost.

Prestige In Runescape

Prestige is another large factor which determines the amount of dungeoneering experience at the end of a floor. It is basically the amount of different floors that you have completed.

When you complete a floor, it will be ticked off for now. If you complete a ticked off floor, an unticked floor of the same theme becomes ticked, and you will be awarded experience based off floor in particular. If this is not the case because all the floors of a theme is already ticked off, a severe penalty is given reducing dungeoneering experience of that floor.

Say if you had 40 prestige, that is by ticking off 40 different floors, you get more rs gold at prestige 40 as you would at prestige 39.It's obvious in this case that to gain the most dungeoneering experience an hour, you must maximise your prestige. And to remind you, your maximum prestige is the equivalent to the highest floor you can do. Refer to above post.

When you have achieved your maximum prestige, simply use the Reset button on the Kinship Ring to complete the prestige cycle, where you must repeat the procedure/cycle again.

For F2P, the only floors that are accessible are 1-35, making max possible prestige in F2P equal to 35.

Runescape Pyramid Agility Course

Alright, so you're just starting agility and wondering what is the best way to train it up at level 1. Easy, deposit all of your food / armour into the bank, equip your spottier cape and boots of lightness (if you have them) and either teleport to the Gnome Stronghold using the Spirit Tree or walk from Seers Village. Once you arrive at the Stronghold, get ready to begin the Agility Skill.

At the Gnome Stronghold Agility course (located South-East of the stronghold), it is impossible to fail; even at level 1, so make sure you haven't brought any food or armour as it will just decrease your run, something you don't want if you are trying to get your maximum experience per hour.To begin, walk into the arena, and walk along the log balance, once completed, climb the netting, then the branch and you will now notice yourself directly next to a rope. Click this rope and once you pass, click the branch closest to you. You will now notice yourself back to the ground, quickly click the netting north of you and once completed click one of the two pipes. Congratulations, you've completed your first Agility lap.

Each one of these laps gives rs gold, which in total is approximately 6,400 experience per hour. Not a huge amount, but it's the best experience you will be getting at this level.Personally, I recommend staying here until 30 Agility. Once achieved, get ready to move onto two new courses - The Pyramid Agility course!

Congratulations on completing the first step towards your Agility Cape, but be warned, you are still nowhere near that cape, but luckily, the experience will start to pick up.
You should now be 30 Agility minimum and have access to the new course - The Pyramid Agility Course. This course is by far the fastest experience you will have ever gotten for agility; bringing in approximately 25 k experience per hour, the only downside to this course is that you NEED to bring many waterskin (4) as well as half an inventory of food.

The aim of this course is also quite simple to understand; it requires you to make your way to the top of the pyramid by making your way along the outer walls. There are quite a few obstacles in this course that you will need to pass; each one you fail will deal 60-100 life point damage, so remember to bring food and watch out!

As you go up the levels in the course, there are certain obstacles which can 'knock you down' to the the level underneath you, watch out for these as they do deal damage as well as slowing your agility experience down drastically. Personally, I recommend staying here until 52 agility, this shouldn't take too long and it is by far the best experience you will obtain over any other courses at this level. Congratulations on completing the second step; you should now be 52 Agility, it's time to move on once again.

Runescape Ring Slot Guide

In Kuradal’s dungeon, the best choice is the Ferocious Ring, which is dropped by monsters in Kuradal’s dungeon at a rate of approximately 1 per task on average. The Ferocious ring gives a boost of 40 life points on any damage you do against a monster in Kuradal’s Dungeon. It also comes with 5 charges to teleport to Kuradal. The ring disappears after all 5 charges are used; make sure you never use the last charge on your last ring so that you have one to wear in Kuradal's dungeon even if you can't use them to teleport to Kuradal until you get more rings.

Outside Kuradal’s dungeon, the best choice is the Berserker ring, which gives +4 strength. If you imbue the berserker ring, the bonus increases to +8 strength, but this is not worth the time, as I mentioned earlier. The onyx ring (i) isn’t worth the time either, and only gives attack and defence rs gold, not strength. The one good alternate to the Berserker ring is the Warrior ring, but is has only +4 slash attack and defence and no strength bonus. This doesn’t even help you if you’re using the rapier! Still, if you are using a slash weapon, this is something. So is to better to have an attack bonus, or an equal strength bonus? As I see it, strength bonus helps when you hit, and attack helps you when you aren't hitting. So if you are hitting a monster frequently, strength bonus is better to have. The berserker ring should be better than the warrior ring if you are hitting over 50% of the time.

Another option is the Explorer’s ring, which gives +1 prayer. Finally, the last resort is the ring of wealth, but apparently it doesn’t even help on drops like whips because they aren’t considered “rare” drops. It also doesn’t affect charm drops or effigy drops. When maging, you should use the seers’ ring (330k), and when ranging, you should use the archers’ ring (1.5m). Both give +4 in their appropriate stats. The onyx ring (i) would actually be better than both, but this takes a long time to get and is not really worth it.

Runescape Charm Sprite Hunting Guide

Speak to Yaktwee Swinmari Cianta (he's a gnome) south west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold's entrance. Yaktwee Swinmari Cianta will sell you everything you need to hunt charm sprites for 4,000 gp (the sprite lure and the Yaktwee stick) and it is recommended to have at least 6 free inventory spaces.

The aim of the game is to make the sprites visible and them catch them. You have to keep a weather eye open for any rustling shrubbery, throw your lure at said shrubbery, and then zap the lure with your Yaktwee stick. Doing so will make any invisible sprites nearby visible. If you capture a charm sprite with your Yaktwee stick, you will get a summoning charm slice. 10 slices make up one charm, so once you have 10 charm slices, use them on each other to make runescape gold.

Sound easy? It's not as easy as you might think. Charm sprites are small and fast, so even if you render them visible, it's still a challenge to hit them with the Yaktwee stick.Types of sprites: All sprites have the same hunter requirement, but some are rarer than others and will give 130, 200, or 400 hunter xp depending on the rarity of the sprite.

Ranged is one of RuneScape's three combat skills

Ranged is one of RuneScape's three combat skills great for fighting because it enables you to attack someone from a distance and they can't attack you. This is also a free skill but there are items exclusively members can equip. There are a multitude of different weapons and techniques available although the bow and arrow is one of the most popular types of ranged combat. This form of combat is very versatile and being useful for fighting monsters as well as other players.Learn more about ranged guide to better runescape gold.

You need a bow and some arrows before you can attack anybody. Ranging involves attacking an enemy from a distance which uses certain objects, such as a bow and arrows. There are two forms of bows: shortbows and longbows. Longbows are more expensive and fire a greater distance than the shortbow. The shortbow is certainly cheaper than the longbow but its speed is faster than the longbow.

Each bow has three special sub-attacks.For all types, you will receive Constitution xp:Rapid(You will shoot faster than usual). You will break more arrows when using this type of attack style.Longrange(You can fire from a greater distance). The xp you obtain is divided between defense and range.Accurate (You will hit more often than normal).

Experience points which received for the ranged skill relies on which of the three attacking styles being used. Each point of damage inflicted will grant 0.4 Ranged XP and 0.133 Constitution XP with correct or rapid styles. However, for the longrange style, 0.2 Ranged XP, 0.2 Defence XP and 0.133 Constitution XP which are granted as an alternative.You will receive four ranged xp and 1.33 hit points xp If you use the correct or rapid attack styles. So you will be granted 40 ranged xp and about 5 hit points xp if you hit a 10 on your foe. You will receive two ranged xp, two defense exp points and 1.33 hit points xp If you use the long range attack style.

Runescape Old School

If you are a runescape player and love the old school runescpae, you may know there is a poll on the old school runescape servers on the official rs website community which is also a good and big forum for all rs lovers. Several weeks ago, this topic was hot discussed by a part of rs gamers especially 2007 rs players. Although the outcome of the poll was a bit slower than planned, the Jagex game studio still released the old school for all the players no matter you are a newbie or an old one. This updates also intents to thanks for the support and love of the games of this wonderful game and the loyal vast users of runescape.

Yourself is the only one can decide the time, the energy and the money you want to spend on the game as well as the equipment fee and membership fee even the rs accounts fee for there are many people choosing to buy runescape accounts from the Internet nowadays. Return to the topic of old school runescape, it is said there were over 170,000 votes support the old school runescape. Though the number is very small when compared to the 200 million users of the game, it presents the popularity and the good reputation of the old school runescape which can attract many old runescape players to come back to the game. In fact, this is also a good news to the 2007 runescape players and the runescape accounts sellers for 07 players can enjoy the wonderful again and rs accounts sellers can earn some money from the 07 rs accounts and runescape 2007 gold.

Another good news for the old school runescape is that every runescape players who vote for the poll can get a free month membership regardless of the outcome of the poll. So, if you also want to join the old school of the game, you can join the poll on the community of the official website which usually gives you the latest news and game guide. I'm so glad the game can release the old school for all rs gamers to join the wonderful MMORP

Runescape Nomad Tactic Guide

Once he has hit you, you will be able to move – so instantly run to your safe spot behind the pillar (preferably the same pillar as before – so that things don’t get overcomplicated) and quickly heal and restore so that you can fight Nomad normally again.

This process then repeats. When he heals at around 1/5, he will say something (I’ve forgotten what) but the cycle still repeats as it did before.Prayers are often a matter of dispute for players; some say that protection prayers have no effect, some say a little, some say no prayers at all work on him, and some say soul split’s ideal for high level prayers.To be honest, I don’t really think that prayers help too much in the normal bit. However, in the “Berserk” mode part, they can dramatically – explained below. I did*’t use any prayers in the part explained above – only in the melee part below. However, if you’re planning to use super restores, it may be worth using Steel Skin or Eagle Eye to boost defence or range.Curses that are appropriate are the leach curses – as well as soul split. However, these require fairly high prayer levels, and prayer seems to be costing more and more to train every day.

Also, with the Retribution prayer or Wrath curse, if activated upon the player's death - but the damage also kills Nomad at the same time - it still DOES count as a kill. Use this for when you feel that you may only just lose the fight .

Runescape Vorago Phase 4 Guide

In this phase you will gain the final piece of the Maul of Omens. It also introduces a new attack and a new minion.

Waterfall: Vorago starts by charging a fire attack. The only way to prevent damage is to get behind the waterfall that appear on a random corner, as it disrupts defensive abilities. You have about 10 seconds to get into safety. Failure to do so, means you will be burnt for 9000-10000 damage.To be safe, wear a shield and eat to max while you run to the waterfall. Rocktails and Saradomin brews are useful to have hp above max.After his deadly fire attack, part of the weapon loosens. After 3 of these, the weapon part will come out and you will be able to advance to the final phase.During hard mode, you have less time (about 8 seconds) to go into the waterfall. It also gives no warning.There's one more surprise though.

Shortly after the fire attack, Vorago will create 1 stone clone for rs gold.Their stats will match yours and they use the same combat style as your weapon upon summoning.However, their accuracy, defense and damage are purely based on copied stats and are not affected by your gear.They do not switch combat styles, so changing your equipment to match their weakness can be effective but it's not really worth the effort.

They also use abilities just like you, including stuns, bleeds, ultimates and freedom.They use abilities available as if they had a 2h weapon. As such, melee clones can remove your prayer.They will have the same name as you: my clone would be named Stone Mr G W for example.A hint arrow will appear on your clone, should you have one, to help you find him.Only the original player can defeat the stone clone, unless the player dies and in that case the clone is attackable by everyone. Likewise, if a player defeats a clone, he/she can help defeat the remaining clones.

Vorago will only take 10% of damage when clones are alive.During hard mode, more clones are spawned.

Stone clone
Combat level: 200 (even if it doesn't actually match yours)
Life points: 10000
Stats: Same as yours
Max hit: Varies
Weakness: Fire, Arrows or Slash
Immunities: None
Attack styles: Melee, Ranged or Magic

Runescape PvP Guide for a Maxed Rune Pure

Here are several good setups to PK. This guide assumes a knowledge of basic PKing setups, switches, terms etc. Here's a brief review.

No arm: Wear no defence-giving equipment. Usually, monk robes are suggested. Sometimes, green dragonhide chaps are allowed (because 1 defence pures can wear them), but it depends on the person. Range 2H: You have a maple bow and adamant arrows out. As you lift the bow, click to wield a melee weapon, then click to attack your opponent. The 2 damage splats from the bow and KO weapon will stack. Prayer bubble: You can and should set your quick prayers. I personally use Ultimate Strength and Incredible Reflexes, in order to make combos easier. You click it to activate the selected prayers. Safing: In low-level PvP, don't eat above 200. Above 80 combat, you can eat at 300. If both players have gravite 2H swords, you can eat at 350. Do NOT eat above these guidelines. If your opponent consistently safes, leave him alone. Gravite 2H: The new PKing weapon. Get it from Dungeoneering.

F-Keys: F1 takes you to your inventory, F2 to your equipped items interface, F3 to the prayers tab, F4 to the magic spellbook, and F5 to the attack style screen. Learn these and use them well. Rune pures are most potent from 70 combat onwards, which is when 1 defence pures start losing consistency. Therefore, we will not cover low level PvP here. 70+ strength and ranged are recommended before PKing. I strongly suggest fighting in world 32, the Bounty Hunter +1 world. If you don't use this world, you risk the Gravite 2H and are pretty much limited to the basic range-rune 2H setup. I recommend choosing the setups you want, and buying runescape gold. Ten is the bare minimum. I had over 50 no arm range 2H sets at one point.


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