Runescape Classic for the final time

Jagex throw open the doors to Runescape Classic for the final time today. Classic takes players all the way back to 2004, a few years after launch, just before it received a huge revamp and upgraded to Runescape 2. Players can log on now for to enjoy the nostalgia of those ancient graphics, reflect on how far Runescape has come in the last ten years, and most importantly, get a free hood and cape!

Co-founder of Jagex, Paul Gower has answered a few of our questions about Runescape Classic, and Jagex have sent over a few screenshots that show the enormous difference between Runescape of old, and today's much prettier incarnation.PC Gamer: RuneScape Classic has come and gone over the years, opening up to the general public every now and then for a few weeks. Why did you decide to bring it back?Paul Gower: Classic has been around since the beginning and we decided to allow newer users a chance every so often to get a look at the original game and to see just how far we've come. The current runescape gold has built on the foundations and learning from Classic and we whilst we want users to experience the latest and greatest we have to offer, it's nice to have a bit of nostalgia and experience the humble origins of RuneScape.

Of course we would prefer players to be playing the current version of RuneScape as all our support technologies have advanced a long way since we started in 2001. This means that Classic is to run as a curiosity for people to have a fun look.


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