Runescape compared to other games with this combat system

I read the whole thread and I was extremely impressed that we see eye to eye, however I've noticed this thread was made before it was even released and yet it seems it has been completely ignored by Jagex, like all Anti-EoC players. I like the idea of dual wielding, that was all I liked from the EoC, honestly.

I, like you, played on the beta servers, learning and trying to understand the abilities and wasn't hard. I played on games that had combat systems like this before. Honestly, if runescape 2007 gold was a combat only based mini-game I would have left Runescape completely for other games with this system.

One thing I noticed about Runescape compared to other games with this combat system, the other games had some sort of "resistances" towards Range, Melee, or magical attacks. In some circumstances these resistances were able to reach 100% to completely block out one of the said combat styles above, just like prayer used to do.

When it comes to abilities and/or spells they all had maximum and minimum damage caps. For example: a certain ability at a certain level could have a minimum damage output of 1,480 and a maximum of maybe 3,000 damage and as you got a higher level in this ability the min and max damages would go up and you would never hit lower or higher than both. The EoC abilities, are missing this. Just like the previous combat system, your abilities have a chance to hit high, low or not hit at all, the EoC did not add skill to the game at all, it is still based off luck. Example, get two people wearing full Bandos, fury, steadfast boots, berserker ring(i), helm of neitiznot, and wielding a Armadyl Godsword. I could use the Meteor Strike on someone and hit a 2,800 and someone else using the same gear could end up hitting next to nothing. I'm quite sure there is maximum damage caps, but there seems to be no minimal damage caps, which would make the abilities more like other games.


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