Runescape Skills themself need a rework

I think when it comes to Smithing and Mining, the Skills themself need a rework. I appreciate that many players hold different opinions on how it should be done, but this is mine: All armour now degrades. It's unrealistic (and bad for the game's economy) that it doesn't.

It should all degrade at the same rate - but higher Smithing levels should allow you to "reinforce" armour so that you have to repair it less often. E.G. A level 90 Smith could reinforce their level 80 Armour to last for y amount of hours, instead of x. Smithing bars should require a lot more ore than is currently does as some ore is just too cheap, quite frankly. Rune ore prices will plummet when/if Rune only requires 50+ Smithing to create. Smithing is used to repair all armour, if you don't have the Smithing level to do so then you take it to Bob or another Blacksmith (Potential to add more generous blacksmiths as medium-level Quest rewards(?)) Armours that cannot currently be Smithed are the ones with rs gold. We could change the system so that you have to Smith level 80 Armour, then instead of Nex dropping Torva she drops some kind of resource that's used to modify your level 80 armour in Torva? I don't know - just flinging about ideas. No more Chaotic weapons - Dungeoneering reward is instead an aura that can be imbued into any level of weapon. So level 80 metal weapon + Dungeoneering aura would = a Chaotic weapon with some special power. (Would revive Dungeoneering.) Basically a huge amount of stuff would have to be reworked, but I feel it's very worth it.

It would be great to have Smithing/Mining as the core skills for making any armour - with bosses dropping upgrades or alternatives to armour. E.G. Smithing could be used to make some general armour which offers a moderate attack and defence bonus - other content then gives you access to equipment to help you modify the armour.



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