Runescape Chaotic Claw

I find it interesting that Dragon Claws have received their special attack back, but Chaotic Claws, being an upgraded version of Dragon Claws, do not have any special attack to speak of.

It costs a pair of dragon claws to make a pair of chaotic claws, so I don't see why the Chaotic Claws should not have the same (rebalanced so the damage/accuracy isn't too insane compared to original, but none the less) special attack that the Dragon Claws have.Would like to see my chaotic claws have a use, if possible. 200k tokens isn't very many to me, but I did sink the pair of claws into them to make runescape gold, so would hope that I can have at least some use for them when these combat changes go live (even if it is just to mess around in Duel Arena).

Point being, Chaotic Claws should receive the same special attack that Dragon Claws have. The special attack should be no better or worse than the one the Dragon claws have; using the special attack with either weapon should be exactly the same/very, very similar, and the only difference between the two weapons should be that the non-special attack aspects of the Chaotic Claws are better (as a level 80 rather than a level 60 weapon, accuracy and damage for abilties/auto attacks is higher). The Chaotic Claws are an UPGRADE to the Dragon Claws, they should feel like an upgrade, not a trade-off.know how Jagex managed to fudge this one up.


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