Runescape Strength

Currently, all combat stats follow a scale, roughly 28% of your accuracy and armour rating comes from your skills, the rest comes from your equipment (only if using gear that is the same level as your stats, so 80 attack/strength/defence with lvl 80 armour/weapons.)

Damage, however, is 10% skill, 90% equipment. The fix is simple, bring Damage up to scale with Accuracy and Armour Rating.Now, people complained this would be 'unfair to melee' because they would have to train two skills to keep up with Ranged and Magic, however they don't see the whole picture.First off, it has ALWAYS been that way, and has never been a problem for anyone, Melee often times completely dominating the other sides of the triangle throughout runescape gold. Second, Melee might have to train two skills to keep up with Ranged/Magic in terms of DPS but Melee also doesn't have to spend money on ammunition, and also has access to TWICE as many abilities, access to unique abilities like Smash, and a much larger selection of Special Weapons.

Adjusting the scale of Strength fixes numerous things:

1) Makes people feel the skill serves a real purpose again.
2) Solves the issue of Unarmed being insanely difficult to use, especially in situations where you are forced to use it.
3) unifies the system, making it easier to understand since everything uses the same scale.
4) Stats matter more and it isn't always about who can afford the best gear.


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