They're not available anymore in RuneScape

There are a number of music versions that I miss now, because they're not available anymore in RuneScape. 'Autumn Voyage 2008' no longer exists outside of Youtube, unless Jagex still has copies in their HQ. Ditto for 'Horizon 2008'. Don't get me wrong, I love 'Autumn Voyage 2005' and 'Horizon 2005' too, and hearing them again on Old School RuneScape brings back memories. But I'd love to have the 2005, 2008, AND 2013 versions of those songs all in one place. I DON'T think doing that would create a huge explosion like matter touching antimatter -- I think runescape 2007 gold be done, and more than that I think it SHOULD be done.

Also, I loved the 2008 to pre-RS3 'Magical Journey'. The choir sounded awesome. The Old School RuneScape version is okay, but not the same. And the new version takes out the choir completely (though they ADD choirs to the new version of 'Dream'), and doesn't sound nearly as awesome.

All in all, I'd love to have EVERY musical track that was ever released in RuneScape available to hear whenever I wanted. I don't want to be restricted to the newer versions. Music is NOT like graphics -- you don't just get rid of it because it's 'outdated'. And don't get me wrong -- there's lots of tracks in the new music I like as well. But I'd like to be able to hear both the old AND the new any time I wish.


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