Runescape Debilitate Works

Debilitate works for multiple attack types, which most challenging bosses use (yeah I guess kk is an exception if that falls under the challenging category), making it very useful there but rubbish everywhere else.

Devotion was stupidly OP for some of the med level bosses - e.g. you could stand and tank legios for half the kill. 20 seconds is a long time when it's only a 60s cooldown.On the other hand in 5 seconds you usually can't get a monster kill in (unless you get it down to low hp first) so it's almost always just a 5s boost, which is maybe a nice "get out of jail free" card to play if you're falling under stress at a boss, but isn't worth a place on the bar otherwise.I think most people are happy with 10 seconds. It's not this OP thing which must be used all the time, but it can be good to use
runescape 2007 gold , and works well as the get out of jail free thing I mentioned.

Ideally, I'd rather see it not work for kk green and legios aoe, require a shield to use, last 15-20s, not give extra time for kills, and have a 90s cooldown. That way it becomes a good tank ability but not something you'd even consider bothering with to dps.


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