Runescape-One 0f A Kind

You start off in the Varrock Museum, and meet Mr. Mordaut, to help him with a research project. After talking to him and going on a goose-chase to find Bob the Cat, you never speak to him again, at all: the original purpose to this quest, and what we were doing in the first place, was entirely abandoned.So we find Bob the Cat, and he's... a cat. Apparently. Okay, that felt pointless...but shortly after, we do the most fun thing in the quest, which is tear up his owner's house! Yes, this, THIS, was the most fun thing to do in the quest.

So we go downstairs, read a very sparse amount of text and free a Dragonrider, to go on a wild goose chase to meet some Dragons. Okay, I dig: maybe it will pick up later. So we talk to Greenie, then to the Irons (hey, the first bit of combat! I like where this is going), and then go to the QBD. Could it be... an actual bit of hard combat for this Grandmaster Quest? To have to hold off the QBD, and go through a few phases while making sure our rider friend doesn't die?Nope. QBD sleeps, does nothing. Instead we have to swat at some Celestials and pretend its hard. (Honestly, could have they made a more boring enemy? You sip an anti and put on a crossbow and you can NEVER die. What is this?)So at this point everything feels contrived. We meet the KBD, who seems oddly chill about being reuinited with the rider who abandoned him, and have a sparse meeting with a white dragon who takes us to buy runescape gold after her nest was disturbed...And suddenly Daemonheim and Dragonkin. A smart Dragonkin who feels like a shoehorned in Mary-Sue to spur out some exposition at the end, further curtailed by the Echo of Jas. Well, okay, bad storytelling is bad, but maybe a Nomad-like boss will make me feel better-Yeah, its the easiest Grandmaster boss by far. After great encounters like Nomad, and the Pest Queen, and even the Balance Elemental and Tormented Demons, not to mention the AMAZING Ritual of the Mahjarrat fight... this feels wasted. And don't tell me it was EOC limitations, the TzHaar grandmaster quest has an AMAZING EOC fight.

This is rushed and lazy. So, after all that, I have to make a decision for a character I've had no chance or reason to connect to - seriously, he's some dude who can talk to dragons who I feel I've known for five minutes - and then some lamps are slapped on me. I briefly wonder why this quest is over, since I didn't even go back to Mr. Mordaut, before realizing that this was one of the worst quests I've played runescape gold.I once called "Fairy Tale Part III" my least favorite quest for ruining fairies with Tooth Magic, but at least that had charm. This is just... bad. The lore is bad, the fights are dreadful, and it honestly feels that all of the events are disjointed and unrelated.In all, I give this quest a 1/10. It has very little going for it. You can say that you made this quest light in line for the next one, but honestly, I wouldn't have bothered if this was all that could be put on the table.

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