Runescape PKing Clans and Teams

If you are a Runescape ranger then it's smartest to attack mages. You are also light, you can also move around quickly and you can also attack from distance. This means that all the advantages a mage has over a warrior you also have over a mage. The most important advantage you will have and that is your key point of how you will defeat mages and that is your dragonhide armor.

This rs gold deflects of the spells of mages and limits the damage they can do to you. If you are a Runescape warrior go after the rangers. The rangers armor is an advantage to them when Runescape PKing mages but it is to weak against the weapons of a warrior. Since you will be wearing strong armor the rangers arrows barely deal out any damage. When you go after the rangers be sure to hit them hard and often.

If you want to optimize your success in PKing and minimize the chance you are defeated you should join a Runescape PKing clan or team. This will allow you to travel in packs to buy runescape gold. The multi-zones are areas where multiple players are allowed to attack one player. If you are alone be sure not to end up here (unless you are of a very high level). Be sure to team up with about 6/8 people; a few mages, a few rangers and a lot of warriors. Make sure you have agreed upfront on what your strategy will be, stay in good contact through the chat and then find a victim to PK. Using this method it will be easy to defeat other players but don't forget to fairly divide the profits.

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