change RS 2007 Gold names

It's not my wish to disappoint but thanks to feedback from our players, the display name process is currently under review whilst we look to make it fairer and clearer for everyone. This does mean that at present we are unable to RS Gold make any manual changes to player display names such as removing, changing, swapping, reserving names, or resetting the timer.

The self-service system is still available and fully functional on the website and any changes you wish to make can be made through that system. Any future announcements regarding display names, will be made via the website. We hope to be able to give our players some more helpful and positive responses to this type of request in the future.All I can say is 3-4 weeks ago someone I know had their name reverted back to what it was after one week, I saw this happen.

I'm also glad at least one JMod is sticking to what they told me nearly two years ago after a very lengthy discussion with the Account Help team about player fairness.That's the problem with Jagex's support, depending on who is sending the reply gives different answers to someone else, or whether "Oh, we'll reset your name as I liked your previous name more."I'll save you some trouble and tell you they can not change RS 2007 Gold names currently as they are redesigning the display name change system. Despite this, you can still wait and change it when the cooldown timer runs out normally.


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