RuneScape developer turning in-game gold into charity donations

RuneScape developer Jagex has launched a month-long scheme that allows players to donate their in-game gold to have it converted into real-life currency to be given to charities.

The Well of Goodwill accepts RuneScape items, gold, and bonds, and Jagex will give $1 for every 10 million gold pieces donated in November.At the time of writing, 98,978,036,994 coins have been donated, which equates to $9,897. Jagex has a real-time tracker for the charity drive.The charities receiving the funds include GamesAid, Willow, SpecialEffect, Action for Kids, and the Internet Watch Foundation."With the Well of Goodwill, we believe we have created a perfect system to allow our players to support worthy charities through their in-game efforts without affecting their own runescape gold," said Jagex COO Riaan Hodgson.

A community FAQ for the Well of Goodwill also says that the charity drive will act as a money sink to help fix the game's virtual economy. "A second benefit of adding the Well of Goodwill is that it will also act as a massive gold sink for the game: something we promised with the launch of Bonds that's still needed, which will have a huge impact on improving the game's economy," says Jagex.

Runescape Classic for the final time

Jagex throw open the doors to Runescape Classic for the final time today. Classic takes players all the way back to 2004, a few years after launch, just before it received a huge revamp and upgraded to Runescape 2. Players can log on now for to enjoy the nostalgia of those ancient graphics, reflect on how far Runescape has come in the last ten years, and most importantly, get a free hood and cape!

Co-founder of Jagex, Paul Gower has answered a few of our questions about Runescape Classic, and Jagex have sent over a few screenshots that show the enormous difference between Runescape of old, and today's much prettier incarnation.PC Gamer: RuneScape Classic has come and gone over the years, opening up to the general public every now and then for a few weeks. Why did you decide to bring it back?Paul Gower: Classic has been around since the beginning and we decided to allow newer users a chance every so often to get a look at the original game and to see just how far we've come. The current runescape gold has built on the foundations and learning from Classic and we whilst we want users to experience the latest and greatest we have to offer, it's nice to have a bit of nostalgia and experience the humble origins of RuneScape.

Of course we would prefer players to be playing the current version of RuneScape as all our support technologies have advanced a long way since we started in 2001. This means that Classic is to run as a curiosity for people to have a fun look.

They contain far more strategy and interactivity than EoC currently does in runescape

Although, I'm not simply comparing EoC to the old system. I'm comparing it to other games, which use similar combat systems, and they contain far more strategy and interactivity than EoC currently does.

I've supported improving EoC greatly (reworking basics even to add more strategy in choosing with basic to use when etc), or simply going back to the foundation of the old system and building upon that and putting that combat through an 'evolution' more so than a complete rework, as the EoC was.Pre-EoC I'd play no matter what, because it was unique and very enjoyable to me as a player, and I wouldn't put any combat system before it on RuneScape, because it was runescape 2007 gold for so many years and worked very well, and I enjoyed it more than I could ever enjoy EoC or other games comvbat system. Not that Pre-EoC was the most amazingly advanced system, but I'd rather have the diversity of stab/slash/crush bonuses etc than the current system of accuracy and damage.

I find right down to the very 'operating system' or formulas used by Pre-EoC worked well in balancing PvM and PvP for many years, yet with the EoC we're having a very hard time balancing the combat becayse of abilities and weapons, both must be balanced.

I could talk forever about EoC vs. Pre-EoC, but I'd rather not. I'd simply leave it at this as my opinion, either remove EoC and start again, or improve it. I voted yes to legacy, just to show jagex the desire for old combat, not because I wanted it tbh, I'd rather have one or the other being improved rather than both, in which legacy still uses broken EoC mechanics.

Runescape compared to other games with this combat system

I read the whole thread and I was extremely impressed that we see eye to eye, however I've noticed this thread was made before it was even released and yet it seems it has been completely ignored by Jagex, like all Anti-EoC players. I like the idea of dual wielding, that was all I liked from the EoC, honestly.

I, like you, played on the beta servers, learning and trying to understand the abilities and wasn't hard. I played on games that had combat systems like this before. Honestly, if runescape 2007 gold was a combat only based mini-game I would have left Runescape completely for other games with this system.

One thing I noticed about Runescape compared to other games with this combat system, the other games had some sort of "resistances" towards Range, Melee, or magical attacks. In some circumstances these resistances were able to reach 100% to completely block out one of the said combat styles above, just like prayer used to do.

When it comes to abilities and/or spells they all had maximum and minimum damage caps. For example: a certain ability at a certain level could have a minimum damage output of 1,480 and a maximum of maybe 3,000 damage and as you got a higher level in this ability the min and max damages would go up and you would never hit lower or higher than both. The EoC abilities, are missing this. Just like the previous combat system, your abilities have a chance to hit high, low or not hit at all, the EoC did not add skill to the game at all, it is still based off luck. Example, get two people wearing full Bandos, fury, steadfast boots, berserker ring(i), helm of neitiznot, and wielding a Armadyl Godsword. I could use the Meteor Strike on someone and hit a 2,800 and someone else using the same gear could end up hitting next to nothing. I'm quite sure there is maximum damage caps, but there seems to be no minimal damage caps, which would make the abilities more like other games.

EoC is fighting through abilities

It is true that the current live combat system is not gone, but it will be soon be when EoC comes out.I did cover that momentum ability idea before. And it was said that, if I don't like abilities, why would I use one every 15 minutes to being with. If I accept that, then that means I can also accept the rest of the abilities. Which I dislike which in addition abilities isn't the only huge change coming with EoC that I dislike. I feel EoC needs to be scrapped and a new project with the intention to improve the current combat system is started.

Zenly, I would also like to say, and as covered before in the previous posts, EoC is not any more engaging or more interesting than the current combat. Both active and passive engagement with combat are present in both systems. Abilities are designed for a temporary instanced styled game sessions. Runescape requires the opposite of that.
Can you imagine abilities against a chaos druid of combat level 13, or in EoC a different higher level but of the similar strengths for hours and hours for runescape gold. Or training combat against cows, crabs, barbarians.In relation to the beta idea, EoC is only receiving minor changes here and there, the core ideas and concepts will remain, because that is what makes EoC Evolution of Combat. It is in testing stage to cover any bugs and make small desirable changes.Contrary to players belief and developers spreading the wrong idea, EoC is final and there is no plans to remove it. It is still in beta to cover small changes and give players a little way to influence the smaller changes.

EoC is fighting through abilities, protection prayer nerf, armor boost of hp, new combat formula, change of stats representation, combat triangle at it's basic, and massive world changes to fit for those changes. The only way, they will scrap EoC is if the Players voice out in large numbers.Let us not hurt the game. Let us make it better.

Runescape change of Combat Levels

This one bugs me. It is not something I prefer over the original logic of the "Previous" game system. I feel our life points should remain constant and dependent on our level in that skill, not dependent on armor hp boosts. If this move occurred to promote defense, then it could have been done in far more desirable outcomes. Noticeably a defense boost or absorbtion stat addition to content of the rs gold. In effect giving advantage to those who train defense, as well as creating the need for others to take advantages of the boost that make distinct effect on a players' win or loss.

This move created a further buggy problem of the massive hp change for players who wished to switch equipments either in battle or not. This hurt player preference and experience. Solving this problem by healing at banks is just a blind cover over the issue.

I ask you developers to go back to the original concept of hp being dependent on skill lever rather than armor boosts. This will eventually lead you to change other things but it should stand out that they shouldn't of have been changed to begin with. Especially since the system was full of quality. It is hard to believe that so much of the game has to change only so it can suit the new system of combat. So many NPCs changing in their combat levels, and damage infliction and damage reception. That White Knight who was level 36-42 are now higher in levels and so are just about every NPC you are so familiar with receiving such changes.Without a doubt these changes comes to make the runescape gold.But then the question is why are these changes taking place when there are much better ways to handle the issues, that you developers feel that exist with the "Prev" game.

The evolution is a great way to start a new game, but not to replace an existing loved game that Runescape had become all this time.

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Runescape Skills themself need a rework

I think when it comes to Smithing and Mining, the Skills themself need a rework. I appreciate that many players hold different opinions on how it should be done, but this is mine: All armour now degrades. It's unrealistic (and bad for the game's economy) that it doesn't.

It should all degrade at the same rate - but higher Smithing levels should allow you to "reinforce" armour so that you have to repair it less often. E.G. A level 90 Smith could reinforce their level 80 Armour to last for y amount of hours, instead of x. Smithing bars should require a lot more ore than is currently does as some ore is just too cheap, quite frankly. Rune ore prices will plummet when/if Rune only requires 50+ Smithing to create. Smithing is used to repair all armour, if you don't have the Smithing level to do so then you take it to Bob or another Blacksmith (Potential to add more generous blacksmiths as medium-level Quest rewards(?)) Armours that cannot currently be Smithed are the ones with rs gold. We could change the system so that you have to Smith level 80 Armour, then instead of Nex dropping Torva she drops some kind of resource that's used to modify your level 80 armour in Torva? I don't know - just flinging about ideas. No more Chaotic weapons - Dungeoneering reward is instead an aura that can be imbued into any level of weapon. So level 80 metal weapon + Dungeoneering aura would = a Chaotic weapon with some special power. (Would revive Dungeoneering.) Basically a huge amount of stuff would have to be reworked, but I feel it's very worth it.

It would be great to have Smithing/Mining as the core skills for making any armour - with bosses dropping upgrades or alternatives to armour. E.G. Smithing could be used to make some general armour which offers a moderate attack and defence bonus - other content then gives you access to equipment to help you modify the armour.

Runescape Chaotic Claw

I find it interesting that Dragon Claws have received their special attack back, but Chaotic Claws, being an upgraded version of Dragon Claws, do not have any special attack to speak of.

It costs a pair of dragon claws to make a pair of chaotic claws, so I don't see why the Chaotic Claws should not have the same (rebalanced so the damage/accuracy isn't too insane compared to original, but none the less) special attack that the Dragon Claws have.Would like to see my chaotic claws have a use, if possible. 200k tokens isn't very many to me, but I did sink the pair of claws into them to make runescape gold, so would hope that I can have at least some use for them when these combat changes go live (even if it is just to mess around in Duel Arena).

Point being, Chaotic Claws should receive the same special attack that Dragon Claws have. The special attack should be no better or worse than the one the Dragon claws have; using the special attack with either weapon should be exactly the same/very, very similar, and the only difference between the two weapons should be that the non-special attack aspects of the Chaotic Claws are better (as a level 80 rather than a level 60 weapon, accuracy and damage for abilties/auto attacks is higher). The Chaotic Claws are an UPGRADE to the Dragon Claws, they should feel like an upgrade, not a trade-off.know how Jagex managed to fudge this one up.

Runescape Strength

Currently, all combat stats follow a scale, roughly 28% of your accuracy and armour rating comes from your skills, the rest comes from your equipment (only if using gear that is the same level as your stats, so 80 attack/strength/defence with lvl 80 armour/weapons.)

Damage, however, is 10% skill, 90% equipment. The fix is simple, bring Damage up to scale with Accuracy and Armour Rating.Now, people complained this would be 'unfair to melee' because they would have to train two skills to keep up with Ranged and Magic, however they don't see the whole picture.First off, it has ALWAYS been that way, and has never been a problem for anyone, Melee often times completely dominating the other sides of the triangle throughout runescape gold. Second, Melee might have to train two skills to keep up with Ranged/Magic in terms of DPS but Melee also doesn't have to spend money on ammunition, and also has access to TWICE as many abilities, access to unique abilities like Smash, and a much larger selection of Special Weapons.

Adjusting the scale of Strength fixes numerous things:

1) Makes people feel the skill serves a real purpose again.
2) Solves the issue of Unarmed being insanely difficult to use, especially in situations where you are forced to use it.
3) unifies the system, making it easier to understand since everything uses the same scale.
4) Stats matter more and it isn't always about who can afford the best gear.

Level Up System Runescape

know I'm being stubborn. But the only way anyone could find the simplistic level up system runescape has is if they are only use to playing games were they reach X location, world, game level and they get handed items. So actually having to work for said items would be considered hard to them.

Your also forgetting the large variety of mini games, activities that give rs gold of exp to players in one way shape or form. Troll War-zone, God Statues, weekly penguins, ToG, Pest Control, SW, Daily challenges, Sink holes, etc, etc. From a gamers perspective long is not hard. Hard is being trapped in a small room while a massive boss attacks you. While you have to avoid his attacks that 2 hit KO you while he randomly fires eggs that spawn little guys to attack you and stun you so he can hit you. While trying to conserve your limited ammo supply. Or after slaughtering storm troopers for a few levels going up against on Force Unleashed on hardest game mode running into purge troopers who are able to near instant kill you at max health, are force and saber resistant so they barely have any effect on them.

Darting in and out, using environment to your advantage to block the rocket they fire at you while slowly whittling down their health till you can finish them off with force lightening is hard. Simply sitting at your computer for 4 hours pointing and clicking over and over again how ever long it is. Is not hard.Because someone with all 99s except defense is as runescape 2007 gold as someone with all stats at 1 and 99 defense.

Still doesn't explain the 1 range, magic with 99 everything else being a 138. When the old system was supposedly more accurate or better representation then new system.


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