The problem with Runescape special attacks

I've long bemoaned the use of special attacks, on many occasions referring to them as the single most broken mechanic of pre-EoC. My opinion hasn't changed.

The problem with special attacks - as they've traditionally been implemented in RuneScape 2007 Gold- is that they're tied to a single weapon or piece of armor. It's impossible, for example, to get the Armadyl Godsword special attack on a dragon 2h. Why should this be the case?

If special attacks are coming back in the EoC, one thing has to be clear from the onset. Special attacks must be like any other ability. They shouldn't be stronger than any normal ability and they shouldn't be weaker. They should simply be something different, to add variety to combat.

There are two ways, then, that we may proceed.

The first way is arguably the easier, but not as good, way. This would be to make all weapons of a class have the same special attack. By this, I mean that all longswords would have the same special attacks, all warhammers would have the same special attack, all throwing knives would have the same special attack, etc. It would apply from bronze through drygore. Again, if the actual attack was balanced properly, it would just be like having a different ability to choose from with that weapon, and wouldn't be unbalanced at all.

The second way, which I had previously suggested, is to make special attacks available to any weapon. The problem with this, however, is that it would require Inventor, which now is not coming out until 2015 (thanks guys... :@). The way that it would work is that a current special attack weapon would be destroyed through inventor, and then the special attack of that weapon could be applied to any weapon in the RS Gold game. Think how nice it would be to have the keris effect on your drygores, or the darklight effect on your ascension crossbow, or the EEE spec on your clan vexillium.


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