Jagex needs to Runescape stop these updates that make other things pointless

To get around rs, all i really use now is lodestones, i don't bother reaching for law runes in my bank, or running to the nearest fairy ring why would you?, it is just much much quicker to click once or twice to use lodestones,in my opinion they need to go, i thought they were a joke when they came out, and they still are. But removeing them does mean no customized teleports from solomans, and also means less money for Jagex. Jagex needs to stop these updates that make other things pointless, this game used to work so well, like a jigsaw puzzle, now the pieces are missing and have been cut up with scissors.

I like lodestones because it lets everyone get to Cheap RS Gold where they wish to be quicker. This includes skillers who do not have high Magic levels. With the time saved, there's more time to work towards our in-game goals. There's just more time to play the game with lodestones. Even if it may not seem like a lot of time, it adds up, which can easily total several hours of gameplay.

Removing lodestones won't make RS any bigger. Other than Buthorpe and Lumbridge, you have to physically make it to the lodestones in order to unlock them for use. Some places, such as Tirannwn require many quests to get to, in order to unlock the lodestone. The Bandit Camp lodestone also requires certain quests to be completed before you can unlock it.

Law runes aren't suffering, nor are any of the other teleports available from the Grand Exchange.

Yes, some previously achieved teleports (like the magic lyre) have lost some usefulness, but overall, I think the lodestone network helps keep the [b]Runescape Gold[/b] game entertaining. I think most players would prefer to engage in the content they are interested in, rather than spend time running across the landscape trying to get to that specific content.


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