Losing everything on death is something for Runescape

Losing everything on death is something for try-hard players only. I just want to have fun playing RS without the need to read YouTube videos by pro players or RS Wiki pages before entering a new area or situation.

And it's not just that. A simple disconnection caused by Jagex' servers or your Internet causes you to almost lose everything you got with you (in most cases that's almost everything the player owns).

I disagree with that Items aren't lost, I run a nex fc and people lose things like torva and virtus all the time due to double graves which permanently removes the item from the RS 2007 Gold game, and they kinda already did a different version of your idea. Degradable worn items on death degrade 20% and after a few deaths that renders them unusable until you pay to repair.
I don't support because when trying to learn bosses like vorago, kk and especially Rise of the Six, you die A LOT. If people had to pay a hefty fine every time it would stop any new pvmers or people that have just never tried the boss, from trying it.

Even if some people do lose their stuff from player error. Just think how small a percentage of the community that actually is. We have 470k members, if 5k lose their gear like that, that is still an extremely small amount of people compared to people that do keep their gear if they die.

Hopefully if this poll does make it in game we would get many different choices instead of just my idea. I myself like Rotten Ronny and Anarchy Time ideas.

I support this idea but alot of players have expensive gear but little money so maybe charging a percentage of the armors value then a set price to repair it from it's unstable state would be more welcoming, say an armor is worth 60m, well the repair will charge 10%-15% of it's value. It would be a step back on player financing but wouldn't sink a player with little money on the Buy Runescape Gold spot as most players have cash stacks of atleast a couple million.


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