It doesn't work anymore runescape

I don't know how long this has been going on, but I know this wasn't happening a few weeks ago.

Whenever Private Messaging another player using the All Chat tab their name appears on the chat line. It doesn't go away after you send a message, enabling you to keep messaging them. The way to end this was by hitting Esc twice, and it goes back to Public chat runescape gold.

It doesn't work anymore. Hitting Esc does nothing but bring up the Options Menu. The only way I've found to end it is to hit Enter (bringing up Quick Chat) and then Esc to go back to Public chat.

Can this please be fixed and made so that hitting Esc ends Private Messaging?

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There might be a better alternative to the rs current

There might be a better alternative to the current (old) form of special attacks. Right now we have 'multiple' combat systems working next to eachother and it is becoming a mess. We have auto-attacks, we have abilities, soon we will have two versions of the momentum toggle and if we stay on this path we'll have special attacks to add to all of that too runescape gold.

Honestly, this is just madness, the system is becoming far too complex. Both for the players that are using it and without a doubt this will become a burden on content development in the future too. I've mentioned the flaws of auto-attacks before in another thread, along with my suggestion to replace them with an as fast as is possible basic ability loop instead.

I'm going to build on this idea now, by integrating Special Attacks into the system that is already in place.

Ability Modifiers
Certain weapons carry special attacks. These special attacks exist outside of the regular ability based system, when you equip these items a new icon on your ability bar lights up and can be activated to unleash types of attacks that aren't found anywhere in your ability tree.
Apart from the action bar becoming cluttered, this is yet another way to fight outside of the ability based system. If anything, we should be improving the ability based system we have, instead of adding even more confusing layers. As said before, this will just end up as one big mess otherwise.

This is what I suggest rs 2007 gold:
Instead of weapons carrying new attacks, they carry the power to modify existing abilities. Your Dragon Dagger won't have a special attack that you can click in order to hit your opponent twice, instead it could modify the melee ability Slice to hit twice whenever it is used (just an example, this post is not about filling in the details, it is about the concept, don't worry about this being OP).
This modification, this improvement, would last for as long as the Dragon Dagger weapon was equipped. The ability would work as any other ability, you could place it on the action bar or activate it via the book (perhaps its icon would change to indicate it has been modified). And, should you switch weapons or unequip the Dragon Dagger, the ability reverses to its original functionality whilst staying in place.

Weapons could be linked to certain abilities, the Armadyl Godsword could improve the Meteor Strike ultimate when equipped. The Dragon Spear could make the Kick ability push your target even one square further away. Weapons could even modify multiple abilities for truly tactical choices.

We have an ability based buy runescape gold system, I suggest we start to focus on it and make it the best it can be at its core.

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