The problem with Runescape special attacks

I've long bemoaned the use of special attacks, on many occasions referring to them as the single most broken mechanic of pre-EoC. My opinion hasn't changed.

The problem with special attacks - as they've traditionally been implemented in RuneScape 2007 Gold- is that they're tied to a single weapon or piece of armor. It's impossible, for example, to get the Armadyl Godsword special attack on a dragon 2h. Why should this be the case?

If special attacks are coming back in the EoC, one thing has to be clear from the onset. Special attacks must be like any other ability. They shouldn't be stronger than any normal ability and they shouldn't be weaker. They should simply be something different, to add variety to combat.

There are two ways, then, that we may proceed.

The first way is arguably the easier, but not as good, way. This would be to make all weapons of a class have the same special attack. By this, I mean that all longswords would have the same special attacks, all warhammers would have the same special attack, all throwing knives would have the same special attack, etc. It would apply from bronze through drygore. Again, if the actual attack was balanced properly, it would just be like having a different ability to choose from with that weapon, and wouldn't be unbalanced at all.

The second way, which I had previously suggested, is to make special attacks available to any weapon. The problem with this, however, is that it would require Inventor, which now is not coming out until 2015 (thanks guys... :@). The way that it would work is that a current special attack weapon would be destroyed through inventor, and then the special attack of that weapon could be applied to any weapon in the RS Gold game. Think how nice it would be to have the keris effect on your drygores, or the darklight effect on your ascension crossbow, or the EEE spec on your clan vexillium.

Jagex needs to Runescape stop these updates that make other things pointless

To get around rs, all i really use now is lodestones, i don't bother reaching for law runes in my bank, or running to the nearest fairy ring why would you?, it is just much much quicker to click once or twice to use lodestones,in my opinion they need to go, i thought they were a joke when they came out, and they still are. But removeing them does mean no customized teleports from solomans, and also means less money for Jagex. Jagex needs to stop these updates that make other things pointless, this game used to work so well, like a jigsaw puzzle, now the pieces are missing and have been cut up with scissors.

I like lodestones because it lets everyone get to Cheap RS Gold where they wish to be quicker. This includes skillers who do not have high Magic levels. With the time saved, there's more time to work towards our in-game goals. There's just more time to play the game with lodestones. Even if it may not seem like a lot of time, it adds up, which can easily total several hours of gameplay.

Removing lodestones won't make RS any bigger. Other than Buthorpe and Lumbridge, you have to physically make it to the lodestones in order to unlock them for use. Some places, such as Tirannwn require many quests to get to, in order to unlock the lodestone. The Bandit Camp lodestone also requires certain quests to be completed before you can unlock it.

Law runes aren't suffering, nor are any of the other teleports available from the Grand Exchange.

Yes, some previously achieved teleports (like the magic lyre) have lost some usefulness, but overall, I think the lodestone network helps keep the [b]Runescape Gold[/b] game entertaining. I think most players would prefer to engage in the content they are interested in, rather than spend time running across the landscape trying to get to that specific content.

Losing everything on death is something for Runescape

Losing everything on death is something for try-hard players only. I just want to have fun playing RS without the need to read YouTube videos by pro players or RS Wiki pages before entering a new area or situation.

And it's not just that. A simple disconnection caused by Jagex' servers or your Internet causes you to almost lose everything you got with you (in most cases that's almost everything the player owns).

I disagree with that Items aren't lost, I run a nex fc and people lose things like torva and virtus all the time due to double graves which permanently removes the item from the RS 2007 Gold game, and they kinda already did a different version of your idea. Degradable worn items on death degrade 20% and after a few deaths that renders them unusable until you pay to repair.
I don't support because when trying to learn bosses like vorago, kk and especially Rise of the Six, you die A LOT. If people had to pay a hefty fine every time it would stop any new pvmers or people that have just never tried the boss, from trying it.

Even if some people do lose their stuff from player error. Just think how small a percentage of the community that actually is. We have 470k members, if 5k lose their gear like that, that is still an extremely small amount of people compared to people that do keep their gear if they die.

Hopefully if this poll does make it in game we would get many different choices instead of just my idea. I myself like Rotten Ronny and Anarchy Time ideas.

I support this idea but alot of players have expensive gear but little money so maybe charging a percentage of the armors value then a set price to repair it from it's unstable state would be more welcoming, say an armor is worth 60m, well the repair will charge 10%-15% of it's value. It would be a step back on player financing but wouldn't sink a player with little money on the Buy Runescape Gold spot as most players have cash stacks of atleast a couple million.

The BoB automatically stores and deposits memories, as confirmed by Mod Osborne. It's pretty much an instant xp/hour boost. I wonder why they even bothered polling this.

At least this makes the BoB better than we /originally/ thought.

But here's the deal: You still have to collect individual memories from individual springs, that always take about the same amount of RS 2007 Gold time to collect. The only time the BoB would /really/ shine is during a bxpw, where bulk transport of a pre-collected good actually matters. And those are once in a blue moon.

More-over, consider the Divine Booster. It improves your boons, all of which grant a 10% increase to exp, which means that having a Booster summoned gives a tangible, calculable, exp boost, unlike the BoB which relies on a bunch of "maybes" and "what-ifs" when it comes to increasing your exp per hour.

The Booster also allows you to collect more things from divine locations. Sure, this is its weakest ability, but, hey, more Runite/Herbs/etc for free every day isn't going to be remissed.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, it increases the number of uses of an individual sign of the porter. This means that this could be a viable choice for passive power-mining/power-fishing. Trade the invisible level boost of a familiar so that you don't have to bank as often. I know plenty of people who would be thrilled to make that trade, myself included (because I'm lazy).

Simply put, the Chronicler is useless. The Forager has limited uses and will probably give you a bunch of useless crap in the end. The BoB gives you more exp under a lot of Buy Runescape Gold specific conditions you can't control. The Booster gives you tangible bonus exp while training, allows you to collect more free stuff per day, and has wide spread usage anywhere in Runescape where you want to employ the services of signs of the porter.

The old Runescape system was garbage plain and simple

yes please explain to me how a level 200 combat (non maxed) has ANY advantage over a level 107 maxed range AND mage? yes, please do. give em an inch they always want MORE. There is no end. The old system was garbage plain and simple. Especially if you had no clue how it worked, trust me I was there. A combat system in which defense accounts for 1/3 of your total level and other stats say mage and range and att would account for 30% each of the remainder, while the final 6% would make str a wildcard witch affects all types of combat equally.

After being a member for 12 years i am sorry if you ***** with this system that i really enjoy ,this will be the last straw and i will be forced to leave. I don't know why this is even being considered . With every move Jagex has made i have been supportive but this time i draw the line. What happened to being innovative and moving on with the future ? If this is just to please some annoying minority who make a lot of RS 2007 Gold noise then it's all wrong. And if you base your choice on votes counted most veterans know that the majority will either not be present to vote in this time frame or won't understand the significance of the vote. Please leave it as it is .

You shouldn't really notice a change, you'll still kill monsters as fast as you currently are just their numbers will be reworked. You'll still hit in the 1,000's.

Yes a lot of people did kick up fuss about the combat system, they kept it up for over a year and now we have finally been listened to (because of Power to the Players). If you can 'max' your combat level in 2 skills then it makes it pointless training the other 3. This had to be changed. From all I have seen at the moment is the players who like it are the ones who only have two combat 99's and the odd few who have more.

O M G really crap like this sort out the screen lock ups lag and white screen so people can play the game with out interruption first would be better than this sort of junk chat there is nothing wrong with the 200 combat level ohh hang on this is all to do with the stupid second combat system that is not needed every time there is something good in the game you manage to balls it up what the hell are you lot thinking about

you are talking about the wrong things if people cant play the game with out being kicked off or screen freezing up and white screen they are just not going to play no matter what the combat level is make this sort of thing a priority not a combat level if people can't get on and play with Buy Runescape Gold out interruption they will just go else were to play a game

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It doesn't work anymore runescape

I don't know how long this has been going on, but I know this wasn't happening a few weeks ago.

Whenever Private Messaging another player using the All Chat tab their name appears on the chat line. It doesn't go away after you send a message, enabling you to keep messaging them. The way to end this was by hitting Esc twice, and it goes back to Public chat runescape gold.

It doesn't work anymore. Hitting Esc does nothing but bring up the Options Menu. The only way I've found to end it is to hit Enter (bringing up Quick Chat) and then Esc to go back to Public chat.

Can this please be fixed and made so that hitting Esc ends Private Messaging?

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There might be a better alternative to the rs current

There might be a better alternative to the current (old) form of special attacks. Right now we have 'multiple' combat systems working next to eachother and it is becoming a mess. We have auto-attacks, we have abilities, soon we will have two versions of the momentum toggle and if we stay on this path we'll have special attacks to add to all of that too runescape gold.

Honestly, this is just madness, the system is becoming far too complex. Both for the players that are using it and without a doubt this will become a burden on content development in the future too. I've mentioned the flaws of auto-attacks before in another thread, along with my suggestion to replace them with an as fast as is possible basic ability loop instead.

I'm going to build on this idea now, by integrating Special Attacks into the system that is already in place.

Ability Modifiers
Certain weapons carry special attacks. These special attacks exist outside of the regular ability based system, when you equip these items a new icon on your ability bar lights up and can be activated to unleash types of attacks that aren't found anywhere in your ability tree.
Apart from the action bar becoming cluttered, this is yet another way to fight outside of the ability based system. If anything, we should be improving the ability based system we have, instead of adding even more confusing layers. As said before, this will just end up as one big mess otherwise.

This is what I suggest rs 2007 gold:
Instead of weapons carrying new attacks, they carry the power to modify existing abilities. Your Dragon Dagger won't have a special attack that you can click in order to hit your opponent twice, instead it could modify the melee ability Slice to hit twice whenever it is used (just an example, this post is not about filling in the details, it is about the concept, don't worry about this being OP).
This modification, this improvement, would last for as long as the Dragon Dagger weapon was equipped. The ability would work as any other ability, you could place it on the action bar or activate it via the book (perhaps its icon would change to indicate it has been modified). And, should you switch weapons or unequip the Dragon Dagger, the ability reverses to its original functionality whilst staying in place.

Weapons could be linked to certain abilities, the Armadyl Godsword could improve the Meteor Strike ultimate when equipped. The Dragon Spear could make the Kick ability push your target even one square further away. Weapons could even modify multiple abilities for truly tactical choices.

We have an ability based buy runescape gold system, I suggest we start to focus on it and make it the best it can be at its core.

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