This creates a runescape time paradox

First off, I want to say that Jagex did an amazing job with the new tutorial. Ashdale looks gorgeous, it's short and allows the player to quickly understand the game and get into the world of Gielinor with all the basic information they need runescape gold.

But something bothered me as I played through it. If you talk to Magda, she will tell you information about the land of Gielinor and the three main gods; Saradomin, Zamorak, and Guthix. However, she talks as if the events of The World Wakes have already occurred.

Now if this is the adventurer's origin story, then that means the the player has never left Ashdale prior to the events of the tutorial. But in order for the 6th age to be present, the player must have done all events prior to and including The World Wakes, meaning that he/she must have been an adventurer exploring Gielinor before the events of the tutorial.

This creates a time paradox, in that the player has never stepped off of Ashdale prior to the 6th age, yet was a seasoned adventurer and was instrumental in the events that led up to the beginning of the 6th age.

So how do you fix this paradox? Easy: remove Magda and all information about the gods until after the player has stepped foot on the mainland. Once the player is on the mainland, it can be assumed that the events of the 5th age up to and including The World Wakes have happened, and thus when they return to Ashdale it will be the 6th age. Even if the player chooses to return to Ashdale immediately, for the character, all of his/her adventuring in the 5th age would have already happened.

Just an oversight perhaps, but if this is truly meant to show the player's origin, it has to be within the 5th age. I hope Jagex looks into this and fixes this paradox, but other than that it was a fantastic update and I look forward to more graphical updates that look like Ashdale.

The real problem with runescape's timeline was having no requirements for The World Wakes and subsequent quests. Understandably they wanted everyone to do it, but now you have low level players who are barely scratching the surface of 5th age quests while simultaneously doing plot-heavy quests like MPD and TDoC that only make sense after TWW.

Hopefully they'll find some way to update this, it feels rather clunky at the moment. Sorry if this post seems like a tangent, it's just that Magda is one of the many time paradox issues this game is suffering from at the moment. I support runescape 2007 gold your argument.

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