I now see how Tommi finds all these threads when checking for Runescape

I now see how Tommi finds all these threads when checking for those needing Gop help O-o..

I agree that they should have some sort of stat return, or a bonus such as Mentor mentions.

I suspect that will be part of any Gop rework done as they come round to it (they have stated that they will be reworking many minigames next Year).

It would be nice to see more newcommers at Gop, as though the communities are all still going, and the cross-group Teaching and Help chat is working wonderfully.. having more RS Gold is not something anyone would say no to (other than the very large private groups, who can just as easily keep private anyway).

Wicked robes are not the same, and never should take the place of Runecrafting robes; Span is not Gop, and Gop > Span in so many ways, that it's ridiculous to start comparing the two! D:

There are already a few threads dedicated to Gop additions/fixes and changes, which would probably appreciate your idea as input, and it would help in gathering all the ideas in one place if you were to post it there, also.

It's nice to see somone else noticing these things.

Perhaps make is a power mage armour? Something unique, anyway, that would make it desirably, but without supassing the lvl 50 cap on F2P combat (in Mage).

There's a thread (unfinished, Tommi is away at present) that lists some of the RS 2007 Gold minigame suggestions threads, so you might find them more easily if you look there:

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