The Runescape assaults are alternating

The assaults are alternating. So Graardor leads an assault, then later Kree'arra leads and assault, and then it's Graardor's turn again.

Initially, both generals will participate in assault and defense.

If an assault is successful, some of the Runescape Gold losing god's energy is stolen and given to the winning faction.

If an assault is defeated, however, the assaulting general will become wounded, and cannot participate in the defense of his faction during the next attack. The general only becomes wounded in a failed attack. He won't be wounded if a defense failed.

I think pvp should be mandatory for this. Additionally, the victor will steal a percentage of the enemy's faction energy, meaning Bandos will both gain more from sucessful assaults and lose less from failed defense.

So if Armadyl has 20m energy, and Bandos has 10m, and let's say a successful attack steals 10% (ridiculous amount, but it makes for easy math). A succesfull Bandos assault will result in Bandos gaining 2m energy and arma losing 2m,, while a successful Armadyl assault will result in Armadyl gaining 1m energy and bandos losing 1m.

The assaults themselves could be basic attack and defend. The attacking side has a massive convoy slowly moving toward the enemy tower, with their general defending. The defending side has fortifications and defenses, with their general and a few elite units defending their stash of energy. If the convoy reaches this stash, they begin siphoning energy. The assault ends when the assaulting general falls or the convoy is full of energy.

Players can choose to offensively attack the enemy general, paving the way for Runescape 2007 Gold their forces or slowing down the convoy, or defend their general, stopping the forward assaulters or defending their convoy.

And as a bonus, the rewards from this does not affect your cap, to encourage participation


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