The Runescape Solution To All Problems

This is how it works. After each day, the side that is currently losing is able to gain an extra cap on gather rn (reknown) the next day and the winning side that day will lose their cap on rn. This will be based off the percentage that the winning is beating the losing side. For example, say both sides are at 50k rn cap at the end of the day. Bandos has 200k total versus Arma's 1500k. Therefore, the difference between winning and losing side times 0.1 will give the losing side that extra cap on rn the next day, and half of that difference will be subtracted from the winning side's rn cap the next day. This way, if one side has over 2x as many people but lower caps, then they will eventually balance out with less people having a bigger cap on the losing side. This could encourage people to switch sides aswell to gain more rn; however to prevent easy rn gathering after switching, the switcher caps at only 75% of the total cap and this increases each day that he stays with the side until it reaches 100%.

Let's say tommorow ends with bandos at 500k and arma at Cheap RS Gold 1500k. According to my formula, bandos should gain 10k rn cap so they are able to get 40k cap and arma will lose 5k cap, bringing their cap at 25k the next day. This way the imbalance won't be as drastic and will come to the point where both sides can level out, and this could be taken out the final week or something to assure that this war wasn't due to a popularity contest.

The problem with this is that the Armadyl follower's cap gets lowered and the Bandos follower's cap gets raised, thus punishing those on the Runescape Gold winning team and rewarding those on the losing. Contribution is not simply to help the gods, but to reward players as well. plus adding more renown to the losing side doesn't help us, since alot of Bandosians simply stand at goblin village building site working on watherever building is there. That doesn't give Bandos points. You need surviving caravans to gain points.

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