Runescape with the death of Bandos seeming to be coming soon,

I think there should be fairness across the board. If you start buffing Bandos' side, people will flock there so they can get renown faster.

Honestly, I think the problem is that Armadyl has a bigger fan base than Bandos -- it was completely unfair to pit these two against each other. Armadyl should have RS 2007 Gold gone against Zaros (since, in my journeys, they seem to have big followings) while Bandos should have faced Sliske or Seren since these 3 factions seem to have smaller followings.

I will say this though, with the death of Bandos seeming to be coming soon, the death of the chaotic faction is right around the corner. Zamorak was defeated, Bandos is going to die... that leaves only Zaros to hold up the chaotic faction.

Support. I prefer Armadyl to Bandos but Bandos' armor looks better so I sided with him. It gets annoying trying to fight people when you get piled by 10 Armadylians who are only with him because he's winning. Hide the scoreboard and let people blindly choose Jagex

I don't care if all gods were removed from Buy Runescape Gold Gielinor. It doesn't mean i don't want new nicelooking god related items, specially weapon overrides as there isn't so many in solomons. It's just not fair that other team gets these items lot faster and and gets them all in first place (metal fragments for bandosian is just almost impossible).

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