Being Runescape outnumbered in a fight can be frustrating

Being outnumbered in a fight can be frustrating, but not a reason to put all these new rules and mechanics in place.

I won't walk up to a person and ask him kindly if he's up for a 1v1 fight with me, this is supposed to be a war.

''pure player killing ambushes with no purpose except to rs 2007 gold disrupt another player's gameplay''

Perhaps they do it for fun?
You don't even have to understand it.
I never understood how skillers had fun doing what they do, but i respect it.

''The problem is, other players are less interested in actual duel and more interested in pking via a freeze spell and then having their pack of assassins ambush the combatant. ''

This is a war and a world event, not a duel.

''PVP is fun. Being PKed a million times in a row by the same pack of assassins is not.''

If you are aware of their presence, simply stop going back there. If they run around the entire map, simply hop to another world OR turn the pvp mode off.

Wow, and I gotta say, this is completely clueless and a crass disregard for the rights of others. That is exactly why I started this thread, because of the dismissive and condescending attitude of entitlement people have to be abusive in-game.

People spend their hard earned money to play this game. Nobody pays to play this game to be treated like their experience of the game doesn't mater. No player has a right to harass, intimidate, or otherwise ruin the enjoyment of the game for other players. It's very clear in the rules - and if you don't like the rules then don't take it out on me.

And I've already heard those suggestions to turn PVP off and switch worlds - but why should I or any other player be forced to adjust our peaceful behavior to buy runescape gold cater to the abusive behavior of others? Wow, just wow.

Dear Jagex, I sincerely hope you are reading this thread. This alone explains all the reasons there needs to be a fix.

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