The Barrows Brothers was one of the few runescape boss's I've ever done because they were solo boss

The Barrows Brothers was one of the few boss's I've ever done because they were solo boss's. Why does every boss that drops high level gear HAVE to be killed in a group? Sure, maybe you can give an incentive to people who kill them in a group, but the fact you have been cutting solo players out of EVERY high level thing so far is horrible.

Not everyone likes groups for many good reasons such as other players being ******'s, and other players being even bigger ******'s when they kick you from the group as soon as you make ONE mistake runescape gold, like humans aren't supposed to make mistakes or something.

Basic economics. We do not want players being able to make money too easily. We also do not want high level gear to be too cheap, but not so rare that no one uses it.

As such, we have to strike a balance. If the armour has a fairly high drop rate, and we want it to be ~200m in value, we make the dropping monster require 5 people to kill. This way, only the very best (who can solo a 5 person monster), are getting a full 200m drop to themselves.

I think that it is 4 people period, no more, no less. They could make them soloable but extremely hard or team content, but if you bring more people it gets easier and easier to the point where farming is cheap and easy. I think that needing a team to get runescape 2007 gold high leveled gear is the only way they could do this.

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This creates a runescape time paradox

First off, I want to say that Jagex did an amazing job with the new tutorial. Ashdale looks gorgeous, it's short and allows the player to quickly understand the game and get into the world of Gielinor with all the basic information they need runescape gold.

But something bothered me as I played through it. If you talk to Magda, she will tell you information about the land of Gielinor and the three main gods; Saradomin, Zamorak, and Guthix. However, she talks as if the events of The World Wakes have already occurred.

Now if this is the adventurer's origin story, then that means the the player has never left Ashdale prior to the events of the tutorial. But in order for the 6th age to be present, the player must have done all events prior to and including The World Wakes, meaning that he/she must have been an adventurer exploring Gielinor before the events of the tutorial.

This creates a time paradox, in that the player has never stepped off of Ashdale prior to the 6th age, yet was a seasoned adventurer and was instrumental in the events that led up to the beginning of the 6th age.

So how do you fix this paradox? Easy: remove Magda and all information about the gods until after the player has stepped foot on the mainland. Once the player is on the mainland, it can be assumed that the events of the 5th age up to and including The World Wakes have happened, and thus when they return to Ashdale it will be the 6th age. Even if the player chooses to return to Ashdale immediately, for the character, all of his/her adventuring in the 5th age would have already happened.

Just an oversight perhaps, but if this is truly meant to show the player's origin, it has to be within the 5th age. I hope Jagex looks into this and fixes this paradox, but other than that it was a fantastic update and I look forward to more graphical updates that look like Ashdale.

The real problem with runescape's timeline was having no requirements for The World Wakes and subsequent quests. Understandably they wanted everyone to do it, but now you have low level players who are barely scratching the surface of 5th age quests while simultaneously doing plot-heavy quests like MPD and TDoC that only make sense after TWW.

Hopefully they'll find some way to update this, it feels rather clunky at the moment. Sorry if this post seems like a tangent, it's just that Magda is one of the many time paradox issues this game is suffering from at the moment. I support runescape 2007 gold your argument.

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I now see how Tommi finds all these threads when checking for Runescape

I now see how Tommi finds all these threads when checking for those needing Gop help O-o..

I agree that they should have some sort of stat return, or a bonus such as Mentor mentions.

I suspect that will be part of any Gop rework done as they come round to it (they have stated that they will be reworking many minigames next Year).

It would be nice to see more newcommers at Gop, as though the communities are all still going, and the cross-group Teaching and Help chat is working wonderfully.. having more RS Gold is not something anyone would say no to (other than the very large private groups, who can just as easily keep private anyway).

Wicked robes are not the same, and never should take the place of Runecrafting robes; Span is not Gop, and Gop > Span in so many ways, that it's ridiculous to start comparing the two! D:

There are already a few threads dedicated to Gop additions/fixes and changes, which would probably appreciate your idea as input, and it would help in gathering all the ideas in one place if you were to post it there, also.

It's nice to see somone else noticing these things.

Perhaps make is a power mage armour? Something unique, anyway, that would make it desirably, but without supassing the lvl 50 cap on F2P combat (in Mage).

There's a thread (unfinished, Tommi is away at present) that lists some of the RS 2007 Gold minigame suggestions threads, so you might find them more easily if you look there:

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The Runescape assaults are alternating

The assaults are alternating. So Graardor leads an assault, then later Kree'arra leads and assault, and then it's Graardor's turn again.

Initially, both generals will participate in assault and defense.

If an assault is successful, some of the Runescape Gold losing god's energy is stolen and given to the winning faction.

If an assault is defeated, however, the assaulting general will become wounded, and cannot participate in the defense of his faction during the next attack. The general only becomes wounded in a failed attack. He won't be wounded if a defense failed.

I think pvp should be mandatory for this. Additionally, the victor will steal a percentage of the enemy's faction energy, meaning Bandos will both gain more from sucessful assaults and lose less from failed defense.

So if Armadyl has 20m energy, and Bandos has 10m, and let's say a successful attack steals 10% (ridiculous amount, but it makes for easy math). A succesfull Bandos assault will result in Bandos gaining 2m energy and arma losing 2m,, while a successful Armadyl assault will result in Armadyl gaining 1m energy and bandos losing 1m.

The assaults themselves could be basic attack and defend. The attacking side has a massive convoy slowly moving toward the enemy tower, with their general defending. The defending side has fortifications and defenses, with their general and a few elite units defending their stash of energy. If the convoy reaches this stash, they begin siphoning energy. The assault ends when the assaulting general falls or the convoy is full of energy.

Players can choose to offensively attack the enemy general, paving the way for Runescape 2007 Gold their forces or slowing down the convoy, or defend their general, stopping the forward assaulters or defending their convoy.

And as a bonus, the rewards from this does not affect your cap, to encourage participation

The Runescape Solution To All Problems

This is how it works. After each day, the side that is currently losing is able to gain an extra cap on gather rn (reknown) the next day and the winning side that day will lose their cap on rn. This will be based off the percentage that the winning is beating the losing side. For example, say both sides are at 50k rn cap at the end of the day. Bandos has 200k total versus Arma's 1500k. Therefore, the difference between winning and losing side times 0.1 will give the losing side that extra cap on rn the next day, and half of that difference will be subtracted from the winning side's rn cap the next day. This way, if one side has over 2x as many people but lower caps, then they will eventually balance out with less people having a bigger cap on the losing side. This could encourage people to switch sides aswell to gain more rn; however to prevent easy rn gathering after switching, the switcher caps at only 75% of the total cap and this increases each day that he stays with the side until it reaches 100%.

Let's say tommorow ends with bandos at 500k and arma at Cheap RS Gold 1500k. According to my formula, bandos should gain 10k rn cap so they are able to get 40k cap and arma will lose 5k cap, bringing their cap at 25k the next day. This way the imbalance won't be as drastic and will come to the point where both sides can level out, and this could be taken out the final week or something to assure that this war wasn't due to a popularity contest.

The problem with this is that the Armadyl follower's cap gets lowered and the Bandos follower's cap gets raised, thus punishing those on the Runescape Gold winning team and rewarding those on the losing. Contribution is not simply to help the gods, but to reward players as well. plus adding more renown to the losing side doesn't help us, since alot of Bandosians simply stand at goblin village building site working on watherever building is there. That doesn't give Bandos points. You need surviving caravans to gain points.

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Runescape with the death of Bandos seeming to be coming soon,

I think there should be fairness across the board. If you start buffing Bandos' side, people will flock there so they can get renown faster.

Honestly, I think the problem is that Armadyl has a bigger fan base than Bandos -- it was completely unfair to pit these two against each other. Armadyl should have RS 2007 Gold gone against Zaros (since, in my journeys, they seem to have big followings) while Bandos should have faced Sliske or Seren since these 3 factions seem to have smaller followings.

I will say this though, with the death of Bandos seeming to be coming soon, the death of the chaotic faction is right around the corner. Zamorak was defeated, Bandos is going to die... that leaves only Zaros to hold up the chaotic faction.

Support. I prefer Armadyl to Bandos but Bandos' armor looks better so I sided with him. It gets annoying trying to fight people when you get piled by 10 Armadylians who are only with him because he's winning. Hide the scoreboard and let people blindly choose Jagex

I don't care if all gods were removed from Buy Runescape Gold Gielinor. It doesn't mean i don't want new nicelooking god related items, specially weapon overrides as there isn't so many in solomons. It's just not fair that other team gets these items lot faster and and gets them all in first place (metal fragments for bandosian is just almost impossible).

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Being Runescape outnumbered in a fight can be frustrating

Being outnumbered in a fight can be frustrating, but not a reason to put all these new rules and mechanics in place.

I won't walk up to a person and ask him kindly if he's up for a 1v1 fight with me, this is supposed to be a war.

''pure player killing ambushes with no purpose except to rs 2007 gold disrupt another player's gameplay''

Perhaps they do it for fun?
You don't even have to understand it.
I never understood how skillers had fun doing what they do, but i respect it.

''The problem is, other players are less interested in actual duel and more interested in pking via a freeze spell and then having their pack of assassins ambush the combatant. ''

This is a war and a world event, not a duel.

''PVP is fun. Being PKed a million times in a row by the same pack of assassins is not.''

If you are aware of their presence, simply stop going back there. If they run around the entire map, simply hop to another world OR turn the pvp mode off.

Wow, and I gotta say, this is completely clueless and a crass disregard for the rights of others. That is exactly why I started this thread, because of the dismissive and condescending attitude of entitlement people have to be abusive in-game.

People spend their hard earned money to play this game. Nobody pays to play this game to be treated like their experience of the game doesn't mater. No player has a right to harass, intimidate, or otherwise ruin the enjoyment of the game for other players. It's very clear in the rules - and if you don't like the rules then don't take it out on me.

And I've already heard those suggestions to turn PVP off and switch worlds - but why should I or any other player be forced to adjust our peaceful behavior to buy runescape gold cater to the abusive behavior of others? Wow, just wow.

Dear Jagex, I sincerely hope you are reading this thread. This alone explains all the reasons there needs to be a fix.

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I'm looking for Runescape meaningful dialogue

This thread is meant to propose a solution to an issue I've come across. I'm looking for meaningful dialogue, so if you're just going to be condescending and dismissive, please don't bother. Thank you.

I'd like to begin by saying that I was under the impression that there's a difference between pvp and pking. I have no problem with Runescape Gold pvp, in fact, I'm up for a good clean fight. The problem is, other players are less interested in actual duel and more interested in pking via a freeze spell and then having their pack of assassins ambush the combatant.

I get that turning on PVP means having a higher risk for someone picking a fight. And that, the whole reason that PVP gathering is quicker is to make up for time lost while PVPing with other players. However, it's not nearly quick enough to make up for time lost when you're killed twenty times in a row, consecutively, by the same gang of PKers. It makes the quicker gathering rate absolutely pointless.

It's one thing to want to fight with other players. It's another to consciously collude with other players to sabatoge someone else's enjoyment of the game. I'm talking about pure player killing ambushes with no purpose except to disrupt another player's gameplay or force them to spend more time than they intended gathering reknown or switch to another world entirely. I thought that above all else, World Events were to "have fun." PVP is fun. Being PKed a million times in a row by the same pack of assassins is not.

So here's a list of suggestions I brainstormed, and if anyone else has something thoughtful to add, I'd appreciate it: (continued below)

There should be 2 levels of it. Firstly, if you are a lower level and attack a higher level, the scaling for that combat should be minimal.
But conversely, this extreme scaling we have RS items now (or to be honest, a little less, but thats a different argument) could be applied when higher levels initiate combat with vastly lower levels.

This would prevent (1) maxed players simply targeting lowers, but if they do, it gives the lower levels a fair chance, and (2) would make low/mid-range players a little less reckless if there was a greater chance of getting their clock cleaned.

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Saradomin cares about Runescape Gold

The Naragi incident happened thousands of years ago, which Saradomin deeply regrets, and said that's his "greatest shame".
When Tuska started killing the Naragi, Saradomin fought Tuska and tried to save them until he was defeated and left.

Saradomin cares about whether people live or die, you can't say the same about Zamorak. Just give me Runescape Gold one example where Zamorak saves human lives, just one. You can't because Zamorak doesn't care about humans or their lives. And why isn't Zamorak held accountable for anything he has ever done? How many more villagers have to die before Zamorak can be stopped?

Just because these villagers don't have a name like Naragi, they don't bleed red blood? Just because their daughters don't have a name like Aagi, they can be burned? Humans are not laboratory rats for Zamorak to use to teach his followers.

Zamorak started the God Wars, not Saradomin, I understand you're trying to get uninformed people to join Zamorak, but at least be a little creative, this one doesn't work anymore. Because just about everybody knows Zamorak started the God Wars when he came back as a god after his banishment for backstabbing Zaros.

Saradomin tried to save the Naragi even though they didn't want to Buy Runescape Gold worship him, so
I don't know what you're talking about.

Guess I'll never understand why people think Zamorak is an honest guy, or honest about his intentions. He's a devious, heartless, backstabber who couldn't even trust his own followers to the point that he felt the need to deceive them by creating robes of subjugation, and infused them with cruelty, and then he presented these robes to his followers as a "great gift".
Read "Razulei's tale" (a book dropped by K'ril Tsutsaroth) for yourself and see if Zamorak is honest about his intentions.

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