What I'd like to see in Runescape

Hello, Players and Jagex. I am making this thread to show some appearances/changes from RS HD to RS3. Do note that I am not forcing/making you do any of these, Jagex, these are just requests I'd like to give and see in RuneScape Gold. Before I give a list of these, I was also thinking that RuneScape 3 can be the next RuneScape Peak time from looking at pictures of towns/villages in HTML5. Anyways, here is my list (Some of these were already suggested.):

-Increase mountain size (Make them wider and taller).
-Increase the distance between cities, not really far like Skyrim, but still more distance.
-Expand combat abilities (possibly some more Constitution ones).
-Some new minigames that make great use of HTML5 graphics and the new combat system.
-Make a Grandmaster quest for Free-to-Play to give them a nice challenge, possibly put in a good boss.
-Add some new forests to make Gielinor look like the RS3 banners.

Those are all of my requests that I would LOVE to see. And again, this isn't forcing Jagex to do it, I just wantet to give some Cheap Runescape Gold ideas. Anyways, thank you all for reading and please reply with ideas that you'd like to see in-game or expand my ideas.

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I know that assets are now pre-cached which is probably helping Runescape

Asset pop-in time is much shorter, but still nonzero. I know that assets are now pre-cached which is probably helping a lot, but when assets are needed can they not be pre-loaded into the game screen and all revealed at once like the Java client does? It's really odd having the character step off a big nothing every time I use a lodestone teleport and all the RS Gold scenery magically appear bit by bit, even if I was in that location 10 seconds ago.

I tried Dungeoneering for the first time in HTML5:
*Some wall objects in dungeoneering like the end dungeon ladder and some corners are too low down, leaving gaps in the walls.
*Bloom permanently on in dungeons? No shadows or water detail. Everything looks over-bright and de-coloured.
*High framerates (50+) at first with just one room, down lower (9-11) when looking back at entire revealed dungeon. Low draw distance only claws back 10 FPS.
*Smelting and herb cleaning interface slider doesn't work (but +/- buttons do). Smithing seems to be okay.
*I drop a large pile of Salve Eels, and when I start picking them up they seem to rotate on the spot. Bug or feature?

I can run the game (client and browser) with everything maxed and get 20-30 FPS even in the busiest of areas topping off at 45-50 in quiet areas. All while watching YouTube, running AV scans and numerous other tabs open in Chrome.

Sure, my computer is Buy Runescape Gold relatively old, but it's no slouch either. I tried the beta today after seeing the announcement in the hope that it had been optimised, but sadly I was mistaken and it still looks the same (bad if I'm honest; no where near the current Java equivalent).

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