Runescape How To Make Money

Runescape How To Make Money
hile the traditional way of fighting monsters and completing quests can earn players some money, many other ways exist that involve the player’s skill levels and ways of using skills to make items that other players want.
One way to make money in Runescape Gold is, of course, merchandising. If players are able to fill a need, they will find that they are aptly rewarded for it. An example of this is if a character with level forty cooking and fishing skills. This allows the character to cook lobsters, which then sell for around 200 gold pieces. While this is a time consuming process, it does result in a 100 percent profit.
he skills and levels in RuneScape help to simulate the way people work and live in the real world. If players find something that they are good at in the game, then there is certainly a way to advance their level and turn it into something that they can make money doing. For example, players that enjoy mining can mine coal and other ores and sell them to other players. Crafting, likewise, can result in a good business creating and selling bowstrings. Making money in Runescape 2007 Gold is by no means a chore; if done right, players can have fun and rake in a large amount of gold.

It's disorienting and forces the Runescape player

I somewhat agree with this, if only because players should never be dropped into a dangerous situation immediately after a cutscene. It's disorienting and forces the player to spend extra time to survey their surroundings. By the time the cutscene ends, the cannons have already begun to fire, AND Veldaban decides to speak a line or two which distracts from the goal even more, not to mention there isn't enough time to even read it.

I died in the first cannon scene because I tried to read Veldaban's text, which resulted in bombardment from the cannon shells. I understood that the rocks provided cover, but I was still disoriented from the cutscene that ended with Runescape Gold us *retreating back into the cave* to utilize it in time. The lag I was experiencing at the time did not help with this.

While this bothered me too, I booted into Safe Mode and did it fine on my 6-year-old Macbook. It's not impossible to do on a Mac or anything that only has OpenGl; all you have to do is press 's' when the game is loading to change the display to Safe Mode. While it will make your graphics on par with that of MineCraft, you won't crash on that part.

It's called LIFE..might as well get used to it. And don't even bother saying this is a game..this isn't life...its supposed to be an escape. The realism of the game is what makes if fun and draws you in. You don't get a warning message in life:

"You are about to enter an alley way..there could be muggers hiding behind the dumpster."

Or "You are about to drive into the wrong part of town, are you sure you want to proceed?"

The Cheap Runescape Gold quest is meant to be suspenseful and engaging. Another thing I would point the quest in are in a sense..AT WAR! And war has no rules on the battlefield. If you can take your enemy from behind you do it. I have adopted a policy much like someone else posted...I wear noob gear into a quest fight the first time around, just to gauge what is going on...another thing is always keep your 1 click teleport with you. For me thats the Ectophial..if you get down to 1/4 health and no food...time to get out.

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They do not force you to pay for Runescape

"When will Jagex stop forcing players to play the game their way, not the way the player wants?"

To that question I reply with, Jagex does not force you to do anything. they do not force you to play. They do not force you to pay for membership and they do not force you to feel resentment for not being able to be on the game daily. Yes not being on all the time doesn't allow you to do everything, that Jagex allows it's players to access. But thats the point of limited time things. Anything that is limited time will eventually go away hence the word "Limited" and these events that you are saying that you missed are not game breaking. It is a little additive Jagex decided to add to the Runescape Gold game for a short time to give variety to the daily activities of the daily runescape players.
You missing the event doesn't set you back or make you miss something important or irreplaceable. It's how rares have become rares. people who played at the time held on to it and they sold them when they became trade able. If you could just go get them at anytime you wanted they would no longer be rares. and the rewards from the events are just benefits of being online at that time. Its like people bossing. You can kill and kill a boss for hours and hours and not get much from it. but then after you leave someone else kills it and they get a good drop. does that mean that drop was yours since you were there but left because you were out of supplies or "couldn't be there"? no, it does not. that drop is the persons of whom it was recieved by.
A game is played for enjoyment that is the purpose of Buy Runescape Gold game. If it can not be played for enjoyment and you must wine and complain of such trivial things as thus then maybe you should take that recipe that you brought up and follow it. I for one see no problems with them having little events like they like doing. It give the option to do something out of routine every now and again when we login. if you miss it oh well move on.
That was Easy.

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Today we received yet another new tutorial for all new players!

We have had many so far; The tutorial island, Learning the Ropes, Unstable Foundations and the Troll Warzone.

I have played them all and there were some I did like and some I didn't like, with the least appealing being Troll Warzone and the most appealing Tutorial Island...Until perhaps now!

The new tutorial is a true masterpiece and I credit the creators for the RS Gold effort they put into it!
The environment, the textures, the story, the fights!
When I first entered Ashdale, I was stunned by the happiness and colourful surroundings and already got exited. And it didn't stop until I finished the tutorial!
You start on a small island, with polished looking houses and lovely trees, sparkling small rivers crossing the island and sea gulls flying around.

We learned a bit more about our own character, new people will learn why their character is special. You learn what your duty is on Gielinor.

The basics of the skills got explained well, why you need it and how to use it, and fits in the small story you take part it.
You get introduced to fishing and cooking, mining and smithing and melee combat and get to know the purpose of those skills.

I think this is indeed what the players asked for, and it replaces Tutorial Island very well and I won't be saddened anymore Runescape 2007 Gold that Tutorial Island disappeared and this is the new Tutorial Island :)
It's short, it's pretty, it's colourful, it has a story!

All in all, This tutorial really appeals to me, and I bet it will appeal to new players even better than the dark-gloomy-long-dreadful Troll Warzone did!
The great environment really makes me looking forward to the rest of the game (If I were to be a new player), because it's so pretty!
And the fact you can return to Ashdale to look around, is really great! (Which couldn't with Tutorial Island).

I would give it a rating 9/10! because of the splendid tutorial, but a tad few basic skills introduced! :D

I can see what you're getting at, but going to Ashdale for more training doesn't make any sense. From the sound of it, Ashdale is a safehaven, free from any and all trouble (except the zombie incident). Besides, Gundrik talks to you and guides you as if you had no knowledge of fishing, cooking, mining, and smithing, and very little actual combat training. In addition, Magda tells you that you have a lot of potential, which would indicate that the character is destined to be great, but has not achieved greatness yet. Think about it; why would a character tell you that you have a lot of Runescape Gold potential, if you are already a World Guardian? Maybe if they were a god, but definitely not a mortal.

I also think the discussion is getting a little bit sidetracked with how the continuity of the quests go with in the first place. I understand that they take place in the past. I can accept the flashback explanation. The ONLY issue is that the tutorial seems to be the adventurer's first experience as an adventurer, yet it takes place in the 6th age. This isn't about the continuity of any other piece of content, so let's please not discuss that as that's not what I want to talk about.

The events that occurred during The World Wakes and all quests that take place prior to it have happened in the past, whether or not you have played those quests. This is the reason every single player was able to play through content such as the Battle of Lumbridge without first completing the quests that led up to it.

They have done this so that every player is at the same point in the game's timeline, no matter how many quests they have completed. This allows every player to participate in content such as the world events, and allows Jagex to do so much more with the sixth-age content.

This isn't anything new, Jagex has explained this multiple times already. They even posted a news post about it shortly after The World Wakes was released, stating that The World Wakes and all content that took place before it is now in the past, whether or not a player has actually played through it.

This isn't any more of Buy Runescape Gold a time paradox than when you watch a movie then watch a prequel that was made later. Even though the story in the second movie takes place before the first movie, it still makes sense. The prequel movie just adds background story to the events that occurred in the first movie.

As for the Ashdale tutorial being our first adventure, I don't believe that is supposed to be true. I don't think our characters were born there and never left, that is just where we are at when the story begins. They can go back to events that happened earlier than that via quests to add more background story, though.

Was trying to make the title "Longer for festive aura" but it wouldn't fit. Anyway I will get right to the point the aura does not last long enough for when you are doing divination. Depending on what your level is and even if you do the 3rd option all the time you won't reach extra 50k mark.
Edit this thread can be locked due to this on the most Runescape Gold recent FAQ.

Q: Will the Festive Aura be changed from last year to where it mostly benefitted faster skills as it had such a short time limit before it ran out?

Mod Timbo: The Festive Aura will be the same as it was last year in terms of its duration and the cap of bonus experience it can give out.

When festive aura came out last year I was working on dungeoneering because all of my other skills were 99 and it was used up pretty quickly. However now I am still all 99s except for divination and 120 dungeoneering (with hard mode complete as well.) If anything I wish that jagex would consider looking at this particular skill for this aura and increasing the time to 1 hour instead of 30 minutes.

Because divination is slower. If anything all of the festive auras should last an hour instead of just 30 minutes. As I said earlier not a lot of people are training dung or other skills to where getting 50k exp is easy enough to still have time left on the aura. Now think about next year. The new skill Invention will be slower than divination and what will happen?

That skill will be slower than divination and you know that the festive aura will be around for that and 30 minutes still wouldn't be enough for that either. The main difference between divination is that you have to Cheap Runescape Gold factor in the time it takes to gather up the memories whereas some skills can be done in a bank or next to one.

Nowhere in the game does the Runescape

When the enemy fires at you, you dodge. Nowhere in the game does the ship spontaneously explode for no reason forcing you to lose your weapons. When you die in the game, you die because it's your fault.


you imply that every single player who didnt have RS Gold prior warning about exactly whats in the cave, died upon entering

i didnt, and no one i knew did, and i went in knowing only what the quest told us

the ship did not explode randomly, you were just too slow to dodge the bullet (extending the metaphor, i know u cant actually dodge cannon balls)

same as in xenon, you can avoid every thing, if you are fast enough

its just that most people will hug the bottom of the screen until the first inta kill giant monster kills you from behind - thats their fault, not the games

stop trying to blame jagex for you ineptitude, wait for complex guides before you quest, or just stop questing, but stop trying to spoil all the fun for those who are better at RS computer games than you

If you didn't die then good on you. But the point isn't just about dying; I'm talking about getting hit by cannonballs, which won't kill you in one hit unless you're weak.

And don't use Xenon for this argument because it doesn't have anything to do with the problem. The player already knows what to do the first time he steps into Xenon - shoot and dodge. In the lava flow mine you don't know what to do immediately because it's not instinctual nor was it clarified.

And don't call players who didn't get through the lava mine the first time "inept". Just because you didn't die at an obstacle doesn't make it fair.

1. if a player is weak, they shouldnt expect to be able to survive a head on assault against am entire army armed with multiple multi cannons

2. the RS player knows straight away that they will be under attack, they know cannons are range type attack, they know you have to Runescape 2007 Gold eat food when you take damage - there is nothing in this quest that the player should not expect if they have an IQ over 50

3. i think dying on this section is the definition of inept

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Runescape Map

Runescape Map
The world of RuneScape is very large and is getting bigger all the time. While players with a free account are only able to explore a small area and enter three cities, paying members have access to a huge world full of deserts, swamps, freezing plateaus, towering mountains, and untamed wilderness.
But the main world of Runescape Gold isn’t the only confusing place. Many players can find themselves lost in the sprawling hustle and bustle of the large cities of RuneScape. Fortunately, many websites have posted city and town maps as well as a world map. Websites like Sal’s Realm of RuneScape include city guides as part of their offerings. These guides contain detailed maps of each city in RuneScape. These maps show the location of shops, banks, anvils and other skill-related items, and the location of any quests. Many of these guides also include helpful information on good buys in the city or special events and locations players may want to take note of.

The world of Runescape 2007 Gold is quite large, and new players will probably find themselves confused and lost more than once. However, by finding a good world map, a detailed map of the area of the world they are in, and a few maps of the biggest, busiest cities of the world, players will be able to easily navigate their way through the magical land without the need of asking the locals (or other players) for help. Being able to easily move through a game is one of the most important abilities a player can have, and these map resources are just the thing to make sure players never get lost.

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If you're trying to streamline the Runescape

First of all, why, if you want to reduce "inventory wrangling" did you introduce an extra stage in the production process? It's now more painful than before because to just be able to enchant the pouches, you have to spend ages in the bank preparing them when before you could just get straight to training. If you're trying to streamline the skill then I fully support you, but this is a step in the wrong direction.

Secondly, why is unenchanted pouch production based on your summoning points not your level? It doesn't matter what level you are, if your summoning points are below the level needed to Runescape Gold summon the familiar, you can't do it, for example a level 99 Summoner can't summon a Terrorbird if he only has 51 Summoning points. Why is that? Again it's just annoying.

I agree this is slower or maybe im doing it wrong. But to infuse steel titan pouches you need 99 summoning points, not any lower. So I have to run to an obby to refesh my summoning points, then infuse the steel titan pouch and than either bank it or cast it on a summoing obby to make steel titan pouches. Its slower.

here's where the streamlining comes in, steps 1 and 5 are identical, that's what you spend so long doing in the bank. However, for steps 2-4, you can now craft somewhere in the region of 300 pouches per trip when you acrue some of the new spirit gems.

Of course, this is day 1 so no one actually has a stockpile of them, so for RIGHT NOW, the process is essentially the same, but given some time to amass some gems your crafting efficiency will skyrocket.

You are still less efficient then the prior method. As you said its extra work for very little gain. Sure once you gather all the Cheap Runescape Gold gems and premake the pouches then its faster to gain the xp but the total time spent with this new method will still be longer.

AKA Selling noted secondaries to shop and then buy them back unoted, then create pouches, then make the pouches into scrolls or sell the pouches back. Previous interface updates made selling pouches back really annoying so you're better off making scrolls.

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Runescape Premeir Club 2014

From a marketing perspective, I think what they are doing is strategic. They increased the price of all packages, and removed runecoins so they can collect more revenue from players in the future. They promise 2014 promotional items, but 2013 Premier Club members can tell you that they only received the 2013 promotional items within the past couple of months (very late in the year). I have a feeling the 2014 promotional RS items will be dished out in a similar fashion, after several months after these items have been introduced (to entice players to buy it out of impulse).

Loyalty points are definitely less valuable to Jagex than runecoins. Runecoins can be used to purchase some of the cooler cosmetics Jagex is likely to release, so it makes sense as to why they didn't want to offer it to players in hopes that players will buy runecoins to purchase these future cosmetics for additional revenue. What they are doing is very sound as a business. I don't blame them. If I were on their team responsible for sales I'd probably call for a similar move.

What they don't understand is that their decisions has led to some players not wanting to purchase the Premier Club membership this year. I'm one of those players. I've also unsubscribed too, and don't tend on resubscribing (except from maybe using a bond or two in order to do some of the upcoming OSRS holiday events)

I'm curious as to how much money RS Gold they will collect from this year's Gold Premier membership in comparison to last year's. I wonder how the demand will be affected as a result of this year's changes.

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