Integrated twitch streaming runescape

Streaming is one of the upcoming means of entertainment and as recently shown MineCraft has integrated the ability to stream directly from the game itself. So I thought I would suggest that RuneScape do the same? It would expose the RuneScape gold community to the RuneScape streaming community and help the community grow. Plus making streaming software out of the equation would entice more people to stream and share their experiences.

Jagex already uses twitch on a semi-regular basis. So they obviously take the idea of live streams at least a little serious.

Ideas of how to implement:
First the 'Social' tab in game is not very useful as of right now, with the 'Activity Stream' still coming soon apparently, so there is no real use to this tab. However, if there was a new tab added from streaming to twitch it could make this an even more 'Social' tab.
Then there can be some fun features such as integrating the twitch chat as another chat option where you can see twitch chat in game as opposed to opening another window and so on and so forth.

I honestly think this is a great idea to help spread RuneScape to even more people and allow for more community based activities. I understand there's a million more things that Jagex could do instead, but for someone who rs 2007 gold plays a lot and watches streams a lot it would just make the game that much more enjoyable.

Thanks and have a great day!


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