Improvements flaws runescape bug

It'd probably help rs 2007 gold if we had a concise list going, so here we go:

*Turning off the quick inventory slot options does not save properly on logout (resulting in the option staying unchecked, but not hiding).
*Head slot items (such as the wicked hood) have become difficult to use/remove.
*Auras are no longer supposed to be banked while active (feature), but are also not always removable manually (not a feature).
*Demon Flash mob announcements hidden despite being enabled*

Grand Exchange Bugs/Flaws:

*Noted/stacked items have a default sale quantity of 1 on the GE.
*Some people are having trouble trying to sell noted items on the GE.
*Long item descriptions (such as Sign of life) result in spilling out of the panel at the GE.
*Claiming part of the quantity (e.g. trying to buy 100, but only 10 bought so far) causing the windows to close and the spot in the GE menu to appear to be vacant. This can be fixed by closing/opening the window again.
*The default quantity being 1 makes using the +10 option to buy 10 bothersome because you then have to hit the minus.

Possibly intentionally the way it is, but not appreciated by some:
*Familiars still show in banks even with the rs gold option set to "hide"
*Skill cape overrides still turn off in F2P worlds.
*Some people want to see the login animation when they login themselves.

Possibly new bugs or prior existing:

*The select items to keep on death interface sometimes closes before anything can be changed (happening at Barrows RoS).


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