Integrated twitch streaming runescape

Streaming is one of the upcoming means of entertainment and as recently shown MineCraft has integrated the ability to stream directly from the game itself. So I thought I would suggest that RuneScape do the same? It would expose the RuneScape gold community to the RuneScape streaming community and help the community grow. Plus making streaming software out of the equation would entice more people to stream and share their experiences.

Jagex already uses twitch on a semi-regular basis. So they obviously take the idea of live streams at least a little serious.

Ideas of how to implement:
First the 'Social' tab in game is not very useful as of right now, with the 'Activity Stream' still coming soon apparently, so there is no real use to this tab. However, if there was a new tab added from streaming to twitch it could make this an even more 'Social' tab.
Then there can be some fun features such as integrating the twitch chat as another chat option where you can see twitch chat in game as opposed to opening another window and so on and so forth.

I honestly think this is a great idea to help spread RuneScape to even more people and allow for more community based activities. I understand there's a million more things that Jagex could do instead, but for someone who rs 2007 gold plays a lot and watches streams a lot it would just make the game that much more enjoyable.

Thanks and have a great day!

Improvements flaws runescape bug

It'd probably help rs 2007 gold if we had a concise list going, so here we go:

*Turning off the quick inventory slot options does not save properly on logout (resulting in the option staying unchecked, but not hiding).
*Head slot items (such as the wicked hood) have become difficult to use/remove.
*Auras are no longer supposed to be banked while active (feature), but are also not always removable manually (not a feature).
*Demon Flash mob announcements hidden despite being enabled*

Grand Exchange Bugs/Flaws:

*Noted/stacked items have a default sale quantity of 1 on the GE.
*Some people are having trouble trying to sell noted items on the GE.
*Long item descriptions (such as Sign of life) result in spilling out of the panel at the GE.
*Claiming part of the quantity (e.g. trying to buy 100, but only 10 bought so far) causing the windows to close and the spot in the GE menu to appear to be vacant. This can be fixed by closing/opening the window again.
*The default quantity being 1 makes using the +10 option to buy 10 bothersome because you then have to hit the minus.

Possibly intentionally the way it is, but not appreciated by some:
*Familiars still show in banks even with the rs gold option set to "hide"
*Skill cape overrides still turn off in F2P worlds.
*Some people want to see the login animation when they login themselves.

Possibly new bugs or prior existing:

*The select items to keep on death interface sometimes closes before anything can be changed (happening at Barrows RoS).


This Counter-Petition is in direct response to a petition requesting to prevent a god from dying during the second World Event. To view this thread, click here rs gold.
Just like this Petition I will not side with a god and take a completely balanced view point. Juxtaposition may be included.

(Colour Coding: End of first posts.)

Please support ( to do so please state: "I support this thread." ) this and feel free to discuss this, or ask any questions related to the third world event. This is a thread on the death of gods in World Events, primarily the Third World Event.

So, why should we NOT prevent this from happening?

1. You are an Armadyl/Bandos follower and believe that the opposing god should DIE.
2. You are intrigued by Jagex's story-line, and don't want to change it.
3. One down, Seven to go. - You support any other god, apart from Bandos and Armadyl.
4. You just find the idea behind one (Armadyl) too boring, and a waste of time.
5. They've had their time...
6. I want my say. They will never take, our, FREEEDDDDDDOMMMMMMMM!
7. I just hate the lack of any detail put into that god, you know that really stupid one (Armadyl).
8. The story-line is boring without any real action.
9. Both Bandos and Armadyl have been at eachothers necks for ageees! Let 'im (Armadyl) have it!
10. You are Godless! Gotta kill 'em all!
11. Pro-Jagex person!
12. You feel too much attention is being paid to a god (Armadyl), or the gods in general.
13. You support a god whose ideologies match that of another runescape 2007 gold, or want a god to die in-order for your faction to gain additional support after a god's death.

Important runescape question about zaros

I want to ask the most important rs gold questions about Zaros hoping to get some answers.

First of all, Lennisa from the Ghostly Robes miniquest said that if Zaros had attacked any other god then he would have been defeated because then all the gods would team up against him and EASILY defeat him. In the Joy of Zaros podcast they stated that Zaros fought other gods, then how come they did not gang up against him?

Lenissa also said that had he acquired the Staff of Armadyl he would then defeat every diety yet in the podcast they said he never needed an elder artefact. Which one is true?

Zaros was a tier 2 god and he was only slightly weaker than Guthix accordig to Jagex, why didn't he banish all the gods like Gtuhix did?

How come Zamorak who was a tier 4 god was able to stand against Saradomin who possesed the Stone of Jas, Bandos and Armadyl who had the staff of Armadyl, and even get the upper hand yet Lennisa say that Zaros would have lost against the other runescape 2007 gold? Does that mean Zamorak is actually stronger than Zaros?

Why did Zaros not interfere directly during the Kharidian-Zarosian war? Why did he simply let his troops fight the Desert Pantheon and their mahjarrat? Wasn't it obvious the Zarosian soldiers would lose?

Even if Zamorak was the strongest mahjarrat, had acquired the SoJ and the SoA, how did he defeat in combat a tier 2 god? Zaros was fighting back not like the event of Guthix and Skargaroth were the later was on his back unconscious and was very open. Why didn't Zaros teleport Zamorak away or control him? Tier 3 gods can control other gods, can't a tier 2 god like Zaros control a mortal like Zamorak?

I'm talking about the end when they all teamed up. And Zarmorak used the stone BEFORE he became a god, along with the Staff Armadyl to defeat Zaros.
Saradomin and the other gods banished Zamorak the Saradomin confisticated the stone Zamorak returned and started the godwars to get the stone back so why did he not get KO;ed by Saradomin who had the Stone?

In the joy of Zaros they said he NEVER needed the power of the elder artefacts and that Zaros never would have used them to increase his power but would lock them so no one can use them runescape gold.

Graphics in runescape

Werewolves and Canifis (2014):
The Werewolves and Canifis are due for a graphical overhaul.Although they are not as far behind as some areas they are a longshot behind the most rs gold recent graphical reworks.

Dwarfs and Keldagrim (September 2013):
The Dwarvish Graphics have been in the work for a long time, though so far Jagex have only given us small teasers, such as Doric and his son Boric and Dwarf NPCs like Rutmir Arnhold and Teplin Macagan. When the rework does go live Keldagrim should receive a facelift as well. This Graphical Update will go live with the Birthright of the Dwarves in September.

Falador (2013):
A Falador Graphical update has been confirmed multiple times, firstly by Mod Pascal during an interview (the release date of this interview is unknown.) And later in the Fourth Livestream.

Varrock (2014):
There has been no Jagex confirmation of this rework. However, at the Diamond Jubilee we saw an early version of an eventual Varrock Rework. We saw updated grass, walls, weapon-sheilds and new floor tiles rs 2007 gold.

Monkeys (2013):
With the Mad May Monkeys we saw the upgraded version of monkeys. The upgraded Gorilla face can be seen in the mask from The Pit minigame.

Splitbark (2013):
With the Wizards Tower update Wizard Jalarast is wearing an updated version of the Splitbark Armour.

Kandarin (2013-2014):
In the Fourth Live Q and A Jagex confirmed a graphical rework to Kandarin, with large focus on Ardougne. Other places likely to be included in the update are: Seers Village, Catherby, Yanille, the Gnome Places, Witchaven and other small townships.

Tirannwn and Isafdar (2014):
Jagex have confirmed that with Mourning End Part 3 there will be a graphical rework of the Elves and all the Elvish lands. Though this is still a long way away.

Pollnivneach Dungeon (Late 2013 - Early 2014):
In the new Cinematic Trailer there are images of a graphically cheap rs gold updated Pollnivneach Smoke Dungeon.

Dagannoth runescape kings

Over the years, the Dagannoth Kings have gotten less and less Runescape popular due to the release of new and better bosses.
Now we've hit a time when barelly anyone goes to them, except some people do them as a Slayer task.

To get into the lair of the Dagannoth Kings you have to get past doors, that requires two people. This is a problem, because sometimes you cannot find someone who can help you and then you are simply stuck until someone will help you.

I think this needs to be updated, so you can simply enter the lair on your own, without being dependent on other players.

I'm sure it's not only me who thinks this, it can be very disturbing being stuck and not being able to do ur Slayer task or what ever you're Runescape Gold planing on doing down there.

Runescape meleescape ahoy

Come on....why do you Runescape Gold game makers not have all three styles of combat armor ready in one update instead of in multiple updates...

Ever hear of the word balance?

Except that we still ignore that melee got shafted the most when EOC came out in general.

If we use a 3 point system (3 best, 1 worst), each style is 3 against their prey, 2 against themselves, and 1 against their weakness. At a first glance that might make sense, BUT,

Magic is weak to ranged and super tank to melee. Not only is it strong to melee at close range, it can bind/stay out of range easily. Also, we ALL know that magic is decidedly the strongest pvp style, and has been other than the brief stint of "exponential accuracy" making drygore ignore all defenses period.

Ranged is weak to melee, but melee can't hit back at a distance. That means safespots in pvm or abusing binds in pvp means it ELIMINATES its weakness. Unless the warrior is in uber tank armor to block a majority of hits, rangers hold the advantage, since the warrior would have to either stay put or use up freedom, leaving them open to Frag shot or one of the other bleeds. Even Death's Swiftness is ANTI MELEE.

That leaves melee being trashed by mages at long range, trashed by mages in short range, trashed by rangers at long range unless tanky enough to block hits, and trashed by other warriors. In PvM it means facing the Melee style of a monster along with other styles at the same time (EG a ranger could face a melee+magic monster and just pray magic, a warrior would have to tank one style outright and still be vulnerable to both)

Furthermore, with reduced costs on runes/ammo, the "self sustained" aspect of melee was no longer special, and everything but the highest level ranged gear is stronger/cheaper than melee (royal hides, few k for level 65, royal crossbow, 600k for level 80 weapon).

Melee has to train 2 styles as opposed to one, or suffer MUCH worse rotations than ranged or magic. And people whine about "melee having more abilities", but there are so many shared cooldowns or "needs DW or 2H" overlap that there are only a COUPLE more choices at any given time.

Two Days To Go runescape

It’s just two days until hundreds of RuneScape players descend upon London’s Tobacco Dock for the completely sold-out Runescape Gold 3!

We know you’re all excited as we are, so if you’re attending, here are a few reminders to ensure your experience goes as smoothly as possible:
RuneFest 3 opens doors at 10am GMT on Saturday 2nd November at Tobacco Dock, London.

This is a cash-only event. See this thread for details of nearby ATMs.
You’ll need to bring suitable identification with you – see this thread for more information. You will be asked for it at the venue.
Keep an eye on for an updated schedule coming soon!
Dress up and have fun!

Can’t make it to London? Never fear – you can follow all the action with RuneFest LIVE, a live stream of the entire event. Head over to our Twitch channel or at 11am GMT on November 2nd to catch all the competitions, interviews and more. You can even watch on your phone with the Twitch iOS and Android app! Don't forget - If you’re getting together with like-minded RuneScape players to watch RuneFest LIVE, you can register your player-owned party!

You can get in touch on the day via Twitter (@runefest) – be sure to use the hashtag #RuneFest3. Any questions? Check out our super-helpful RS 2007 Gold FAQ.

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