Runescape world event 2

Hi everyone, we know for a fact that next world event is going to have divination and pvp. It might even have 2 gods to choose sides for also. If there are any random events like last event's nodes then anyone who wants can join "Node find" FC and I'll change the name and probably do a thread on it if it gets enough people. Again, the chat is "Node Find" fc and anybody who wants to join can join.

If it's going to be a "battle" like bol then combat levels better mean something! There also needs to be an introduction to what the Runescape gold are truly about from a 3rd person pov (put kara-meir in there as an unbiased opinion, and force people to go through all the information from her before being allowed to participate). The last event allowed for noobs, f2p, and non-lore people to hand the battle straight to hell Saradomin in a handbasket.

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Sunshine and runescape death swiftness

Very annoying thing with these abilities...

If one person is using one of those abilities on your target and you try to use it, you get a message saying the enemy is already under the effect of the ability, drains your adrenaline and nothing happens.

So basically it prevents 2 players from using them on same target, yet it still drains adrenaline if it fails.

Wasnt noticeable before this update (although it did happen) because they were not very popular. Now with the longer timer, more people are using it and its very annoying.

I could see them doing that because of the stacking bleeds.

Although im somewhat against bleeds not stacking because if several people using massacre but only 1 of them does bleed because they dont stack, making it a waste of adrenaline.

If jagex really doesnt want to stack bleeds, just restrict the bleed for 1 person and let everyone benefit from the +50% buff.The bigger Runescape Gold problem is why not let 2 people atk the target with the same ability.The aoe effect damage is beyond negligible and the fact as a range/mager you typically wont be fighting a target in melee distance makes the aoe effect even more reduntant.

题目 : 游戏攻略
博客分类 : 游戏娱乐



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